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We have a senior who is taking classes this summer to make up for failed classes her senior year. So she didn't get a diploma and won't technically graduate until we get grades from her summer classes.

I just realized I probably shouldn't run EOY until after she's submitted her grades. Or is there a way to run EOY and not graduate one student? Would I be able to "graduate" her in August alone? I'm concerned that we won't be able to run her final transcript after EOY processing is finished.

Anyone else run into this issue? TIA
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I would think changing her sched_nextyeargrade and next_school data fields (under Scheduling Setup) so that those reflect grade 12 instead of whatever coding you use for graduating students and Marian High School instead of Graduated Students (or whatever name is used for where those kids end up in PowerSchool would do the trick.

That should keep her "live" after EOY is run and allow you to add summer school grades, print transcripts, etc.  Once all of that is done, you should be able to move her to Graduated Students.

Thanks, Ray. How do I "graduate" her later so she moves to Graduated Students? I've always done that as part of EOY. 

Once all the summer school work has been completed, graded, grades/credits entered in PS, and transcripts printed, go under the Functions menu for the student in question.

First, use Transfer Out of School with a Graduation (or whatever you call it at Marian) exit code.

Then, use Transfer to Another School to move her to your Graduated Students "school."

That should do the trick.

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Posted on behalf of Jennifer Maas

I am new to using Graduation Sets for auditing graduation requirements for our students.  Is there a way to pull classes that the students took from historical?
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