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We connected Clever to NWEA for Maps and state testing. We need to connect the field in PS for the state id code for our schools to Clever and then on to NWEA. Where is that in PS. table and field? Or where does everyone else put that?

Gary W
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NWEA has changed the roster template to align with ADVISER (I think, I'm just guessing that's why). The first column has to be the district-school number. I know how to pull the district number and the school number, but does anyone know how to get that whole thing?

Valentine Elementary would need to be 16-0006-002. I could make separate templates for each building and just have that go in as "if blank print this", but I'm trying to come up with something more generic.

Thanks in advance!
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We use an if/then statement to pull the three digit location code in an export template:


You could adjust that to report the entire district-location.

I hope this helps.

I'll try that! Thanks!!

It worked!! Woo hoo!!!!

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Here's an export template that I got from somewhere on the internet. I wish I could remember where so that I could give proper credit where it is due.

*****I attached it as a .txt file because I can't attach a .pst file. YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE EXTENSION!!!

The Ethnicity column pulls from the legacy ethnicity field, not the new race/ethnicity fields. When I talked to someone at NWEA about it, they said that unless you wanted reports with ethnicity, it didn't matter.

Peggy Medema
District Data Specialist
Valentine Community Schools
Valentine, NE 69201

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Here is a pst file that will export names from PowerSchool for creating your CRS file for MaPs testing.

To use go to Special Functions - Importing / Exporting - Export using a template - Student Schedules - NWEA

Make sure you select the students you want to include or it will use ever student in your entire database.

This export will give you a good base but you will still have to go in a tweak your columns with some data.
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Does anyone know how to pull the State Unique ID for the new NWEA template?  I have tried:

All with no results. 


Works on my template.

Just tried that again and I get nothing.  VERY strange indeed!

Could you possibly send me a copy of your template?  If you'd like you could send it to

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