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When I go to run my report cards for the Elementary we have two different ways teachers have them listed.  By percent grade for grades 3-6 and by S/U grades for K-2.  My percent report cards are printing as they should.  When I print my K-2 report cards, I end up with a percent.  I have went into set up in system reports and changed from percent to current grade.  This gives me blank report cards.  

Is there a spot in PS that allows me to print the S/U grades?  Or is this something that the system is no longer capable of?  

Also, if there is no grades in some subjects, it gives that child a 0 instead of a dashed line.  Any ideas on fixing that?
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Anyone using Marcia Brenner Report Card Creator? We just purchased it and are planning to use it for our Q1 report cards in late October. Just had training on Thursday and it ... well, it was the worst online training session I've ever attended. We were muted during the entire session so we couldn't ask a question and couldn't figure out how to get a message to the trainer. (Other people in the training asked questions so they weren't muted but I think everyone was confused.) She ran through the session and we couldn't keep up as we were trying to follow along. I'm seriously considering asking for my money back. Has anyone used this? Did we just get a bad trainer? When the sales guy showed it to us, it looked very easy to use but I can't get it to work. I'm going on vacation on Wednesday for a week so I don't have a lot of time to get it set up. HELP!

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
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A PS support rep told me last year that splitting our year-long classes to 2 semester-long classes would: 1. Make scheduling easier and 2. Prevent end-of-year report card issues with dropped courses.

So now I'm looking at splitting all our year-long courses for the 2018-19 school year. If you're at a high school, do you split all your classes into two semester-long courses for scheduling purposes? How does this affect classes like science or math -- i.e., Do your students generally get the same teacher both semesters, or do they randomly get two different teachers for these kinds of classes?

Is there anything I should consider before making this change? The teachers supposedly already teach classes at the same pace so it shouldn't affect them. Just want to make sure I've considered everything before I do this. 


Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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Do you use PowerScheduler and do you let PowerScheduler build your schedule from scratch each year, or does your school manually create a schedule?  This will impact how you proceed.

We just went through the same dilemma with one of our high schools at our district.  Five of our high schools are smaller and have enrollments of under 250 students. They all have yearlong courses and do their scheduling through PowerScheduler.
We are bringing our largest high school with enrolment of  1300+ and in the old system (SMS) they have their yearlong courses split out into semester versions. Initially, we wanted to try to get them on the same course catalog at the other high schools with yearlong courses. After months of back and forth we determined that it would be best for them to keep Semester versions of yearlong courses.

It all depends on how you want to schedule. If you split the courses into semester versions default there is no guarantee that your students would get the same teachers or sections both terms. If you wanted to ensure that students get the same teacher and section in the following term you would need to create sections links or course restraints in PowerScheduler to make sure that happens. This could end up being a lot of work since you would need to link each semester 1 course to the semester 2 course.  

The one thing that made us stick with semester courses for this high school is that we have a requirement that requires any student who has failed a semester of a year long course to retake the semester the following year. Switching to yearlong versions of courses would cause several issues for us. A students that failed a semester of a yearlong course would have to register for full year course the following year just to retake the semester they missed. So any course request report would list the student as retaking a course for a full year, Even though they are just registering for a semester. The student would also take a “full seat” for the year long course even though they are only going to be in the class for a semester. This could potentially skew the number of potential sections needed. 

PowerSchool does have a “split and commit” function that we considered. It might work in your case, even though it did not work for our needs. If you use the Split and Commit and you use the automated walk in scheduler there will be no section link between the sections.  So there is no guarantee that the student would get the matching section on the opposite term if using AWIS.

The Split Year Long Function was designed to give the customers the benefit of building sections of courses as year long courses and then splitting them into semester sections.  This allows more flexibility in student movement between sections at semester end as well as to allow a student to take just one “makeup” semester of a course.

Power Scheduler (before the Commit):
The split is only a Power Scheduler function so it must be done after the last Load and before the Commit.

Do not do it until you are absolutely sure you do not want to build and load again because it doubles the requests for the year long courses.

Each section in a teacher’s schedule becomes 2 sections and each enrollment in the student schedules becomes 2 enrollments. For example, MAT1000.1 year long becomes MAT1000.1 and MAT1000.1001 with semester terms.

The course preference screen does not change because that is no longer used at this point.

Customers often do the “Split” after their last Load but weeks before the Commit so they can use the “Split” sections to do final adjustments to student schedules.

Credit for the course may have to be adjusted.  If they have used this function before then the credit is set at .5 in the Courses Table if a student should receive 1 credit for the completion of the year.  In the Course Catalog in Power Scheduler the credit should be changed back to 1 to reflect the total credit for the year during the request process.Currently there is a “bug” in the Online Course Request Screen though and it is calculating the credits requested based upon the Courses Table and not upon the Power Scheduler ScheduleCourseCatalog Table.

Customers need to be careful not to change the live side credit if classes are still in session and grades have not been stored.

Live Side (after the Commit) AWI Considerations:

On the live side the student would need 2 requests for AWI.

On the live side a check would have to be placed in scheduling preferences to allow same course different terms if using AWI.

On the live side there is no section link between the sections.  So there is no guarantee that the student would get the matching section on the opposite term if using AWI.

Probably more information that what you requested but maybe some of this will help.

We do use PowerScheduler and allow it to create a schedule from scratch each year. But we also do a lot of manual changes before our schedule is ready. As a Catholic school, students have a required year-long theology course each year, in addition to the usual year-long math, science, English courses. So it's always tough getting the electives and semester courses to schedule around the yearlong ones.

Adrian ... thanks for the lengthy explanation about the split and commit function. I didn't know about that function. It might be something we can try.

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I am attaching our Kindergarten, Grade 1 (Grade 2 is very similar), Grade 3 and Grade 4 Report Cards.  
Our Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are totally standards based.  Grade 3 has standard based grades for everything but math.  Grade 4 has standard based grades for everything but Math, Science and Social Studies.

We have Reading Mastery right now and have separate report cards for that, if anyone is interested in those.   

If anyone wants the report in addition to the pdf, I'd be glad to share and you can adjust to meet your standards/fields.

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Hello - 

We are no longer printing report cards, so I am trying to develop the capability to have the parents have the option to "view report card" (essentially seeing the PDF we view when we print the report card on our end) through their portal rather than just viewing the quick lookup. 

I have contacted Pearson's for help, but was essentially told that it a customization that we need to create, the data is there to display the information, but it needs to be coded as the system itself does not have that capability.

Anyone here done this before and willing to help me walk through it?

Thanks in advance!

Megan Sullivan
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We're printing report cards for a high school, grades 9-12. We have student who've "dropped" year-long courses at the end of first semester so they end up with grades and credit for one semester of the course. We want the final report cards to show these semester 1 "dropped courses" and grades along with the other grades.

To do this, we can select students individually and select the "includes dropped courses" option when printing the report card. But that option isn't available when we select the students as a group. Anyone know how to get around this and tell PowerSchool to show dropped courses for a large group of students?


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Select the students then use this url only using your powerschool address. If you aren't hosted, you will also have something different than

It works! Thanks, Sharon!!

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 Here is the issue. Grades not printing on report cards for 2nd graders.
Giving a blank.

1. This is for a PE class.

2. K-2 are in the class and enrolled in all the same class, 3 PE.

3. Grades are entered for all kids in this class for the semester. Dates
were checked in the gradebook.

4. Different report cards for each grade, K report card, 1st grade
Report card.......

5. K and 1st Grade PE grades are showing up on their report cards. 2nd
Grade are not.

6. Checked code (object reports cards) on all report cards. All the same
for every report card

7. Checked DDE, all stored grades are in there for all kids.

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Pick a student and then look at Historical Grades to see if a blank record got stored (it will show a dash).

There are grades in the StoredGrades table. 

On a student page, click on Historical Grades in the left-hand column.

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We are currently wanting to set up elementary report cards for Grades K-2.   We need something similiar to  this: 

Knows Letters  
Reads with Expression, etc

The report cards we can create, but how do you set up your teacher gradebooks?   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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Go to PowerSource>Communities and look for Standards Reporting Lower Elementary. It will walk you right through it.

Thanks Peggy

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 We started standards on our Elem Report cards last year. This year the Q1 was ok. Everything ran great. The teachers used powerteacher to put in the standard grades. This quarter, we showed the teachers how to put in standards via gradebook. We tested this all out in Nov/Dec on one school. Everything was working by the time X-mas came up with just a few very minor issues with comments(fixed by the the patch). Now Report cards are due to be printed. The school that we did the testing on, works. All standard grades are showing up with regular grades. The other schools are not. Their regular grades show up but not standard grades. We have been comparing the schools and can't find anything that is different except the Reporting Segments which I have changed to match the school that works. Nothing still. We are storing the standards via the System/Store Standard Grades. The admin who did it for the school that works, confirmed that we are doing all the step correctly. I have verified that the standards are in via DDA and on gradebooks but have not verified that they have been stored as historical as can't seem to find that.
 Any one have a idea where we can look to get the grades on the Report Card?? Codes are all write and match everything else. We are trying to show a Q2 standard grade on the report card.


Gary Warner
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You do not need to use that function if you are using the gradebook or PowerTeacher for standards. They automatically store withour running store standard grades.

If you go to a student and their quick look up and view standard grades, do you see standard grades for Q2 or just Q1.

Checked the quick lookup, completed standards only show Q2 not Q1.. Q1 was done in powerteacher, Q2 was done in gradebook. Read something that is the way it is suppose to be too. This was on a school that the RC does not work too.

Does your code on the report card object report look something like this for the standards

(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q1)<tabc 6.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q2)<tabc 7.25>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q3)<tabc 7.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q4)

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