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Next we are going to allow 8th graders to take Algebra 1 and we need it to appear on their transcript.  Can anyone tell me how to make this happen?
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We have students who re-take failed classes at other high schools during the summer. To get those credits to show up on the transcript, we've created generic courses (such as Math 289) in PowerSchool.

When a student submits credits from summer school, the registrar creates the historical grade using (for example) course number 289, enters the name of the school ("Summer School - Burke") and checks the box for "Display on Transcript." The grade shows up under historical grades and on the transcript. 

Hope this helps. :-)

Thanks Jane, we do that as well.  I was just hoping for some magic box that I didn't know about to check to make this happen.  I guess we will enter them by hand. 

If you find that magic box, please let me know. :-D

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I am wanting to pull 2009 and 2010 S2 GPA of students who are currently in the 9th grade. I am not having any luck as these students are not in the same school that they would have earned these in. They are in the high school now and I want their S2 gpa when they were 7th graders and their S2 gpa when they were 8th graders.

I went to our HS and selected the 9th graders and exported the following with no results
^(*gpa method="WMS Weighted S2" type="cumulative"term="S2"year="2010")

Any help would be appreciated.  
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I'm not sure if this would work, but would you need to change your "Historical Grade Level" in School/School Info to get the previous GPA to appear?


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