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Has anyone seen where students that have a negative balance from last year can not charge a meal - we started school yesterday and this is what the lunch program is telling me.

I was also told it will not take the A La Carte transactions - we did not make any changes from last year.

Thank you for any thoughts.

Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Publics Schools
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now I am told no one can charge breakfast - I am working with PS now

Yes I had that called support and they said I customized it here is what she sent for me to fix.

I just compared my custom one and added what I customized to the new 19.4 page.

I found some information in the 19.4 Release Notes pertaining to LunchPower .... here's a snippet of that information:

This update will impact customers who have customized PowerLunch. The ~psn tag has been changed to ~[psn] on the following pages:
/admin/powerlunch/completesale.html /admin/powerlunch/completesale.deposit.html
These pages will not work correctly until the following is updated:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~psn">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~[psn]">

Does anyone know if this issue will affect Marcia Brennar's Cafe plugin? Does this only affect students with negative balances?

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PowerLunch 2nd Transactions is having an Issue

We were serving 2nd lunches and noticed we are not receiving a second transaction warning.  

We have a contracted PowerSchool Tech who thinks the issue is in BATCHES - 2nd transactions are going into different batches and all being recorded as 1st transactions.

With this, we cannot be alerted to a 2nd lunch or search for 2nd lunches & if we get audited we cannot find the 2nd transactions.

This was not an issue last year or in prior years.  

There are times that cashiers have to log out of their machines or go fix something and a new batch starts.   For example today... a computer crashed and the cashier had to log into a different machine.  

And we have multiple lines and a student can go do a different cashier for the 2nd transaction & the cashiers do not have to stay logged into the same batch during the entire time we serve meals.

PowerSchool said:   this is a known issue and it has been targeted for a release which would be the next patch, I do not have a release date but it should be soon.

Kristy Kennedy
SIS Data Coordinator
Hastings Public Schools
Hastings NE 68901
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Many districts have seen this and there are lots of cases submitted. But we have only seen this on servers running version 12.

Has anyone seen this on a non-version 12 server?

I'm pretty sure we're seeing the issue on PS 11.0.5. We just purchased Marcia Brenner Cafe plugin but I'm pretty sure it indicated a second purchase back when we saw the demo. No 2nd Transaction notifications are showing now.

It doesn't seem to be happening with schools that use A La Carte.

Other wonderful things that are happening: you can't record a transaction for a different day; on the serve lunch/breakfast page, the Last 10 transactions link only shows 1; the total sales page can't add, numbers are off from actual sales.

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We implemented a new lunch program called "NutriKids" and would like to import the balances and LunchStatus from it into PowerSchool. We also want to export our current list of active students from PowerSchool into the NutriKids program.

Any help setting this up to be an automated process would be appreciated.

I was told by PowerSource that since we were a hosted site that I would have to use a program FileZilla to set this up. Has anyone done this? NutriKids has an automated way to export and import files, but I need to get PowerSchool to do the same.

We use AutoSend to send low balances to SchoolReach so I know that we can send info out of PowerSchool to a site. I guess FileZilla makes a computer an FTP client so it can import and export from PowerSchool.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Lori Stolcpart
Ainsworth Community Schools
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You can use an AutoComm to import back into PowerSchool. This will take the file you exported from another system and put it into the correct spot in PS

We have had a request to have the staff photos show up on the Ala Carte serve lunch screen. The student photos show up without any issues, but the staff photos do not. Does anyone know of the code that I could add to make staff photos show?

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We are currently using PowerLunch with customized screens for our meal tracking.  We contract with LunchTime Solutions.  They would like us to look into a POS system that would give them more information as to what the student is purchasing or eating.  Is anyone using such a POS  with PowerSchool and would you recommend it.  You may contact me offline if you wish.  I appreciate your insight.  Kathy
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We are using the A La Carte  version of PowerLunch which gives you the option to enter just about any information you want such as Ice Cream, Jerky, Fruit Roll ups, Extra main entree etc.  Don't know if that will help but you could check it out on PowerSource.

I saw this solution on another post, but I know LTS is wanting to look at vendor based solution.  I would love to stay with local customizations and not involve another 3rd party software solution.  Thanks

We use Lunchtime Solutions and have just switched over to PowerLunch from a 3rd party vendor.  It looks like we can provide all the information that LS is wanting using the A La Carte customization, but I don't think they were in favor of us using PowerLunch.

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Hi All,
We contract out our lunch program with Lunchtime Solutions.  In the past we have used a separate system (I don't know what) to record all meal transactions. Lunchtime has separate pricing for different breakfast choices or entree or drink choices.  Now we are going to start using PowerLunch to record meal transactions.  Those pricing choices are pretty limited in comparison.  I have not seen anything to make me think I can change them. (I could very well be missing something as I was looking quite hurriedly)  My question is how  schools have made other pricing structures work with PowerLunch.  Thanks in advance.
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Any thing sold other then a full meal in PowerLunch must be done as a A La Carte item.     You click off of the box that says full meal charge and only type in the amount of the A La Carte item you sold.   

We had our lunch screen customized so that different items on the screen can be selected and the added together.  Luchtime Solutions has so many a la carte items that it was hard for the ladies to add it up.    But in the end it does put one price in the a la carte item area.

We use the A la Carte for PowerLunch customization found on the PowerScource Exchange site.  You can set up almost anything you want on it.  It also itemizes the sales for the parents to see exactly what their student is purchasing rather than dumping everything into "A la Carte".  We love it!

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For those of you using Power Lunch, do you have a recommendation for a 10-key keypad for students to enter their ID?

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Is anyone using online payments in conjunction with PowerLunch?   I was just told that our District would like to utilize this...any help would be appreciated!
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I've created a request on PowerSchool Community Support for Lunch enhancements.  Please login and vote for this enhancement.   Thank you.  Just login to PS Support, Community and click on community forums.  Search for PowerLunch Ala Carte

Title:  PowerLunch Ala Carte

Thank you for helping.

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