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Race/Ethnicity (3)
Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the ethnicity field not pulling data from PowerSchool?  My ethnicity fields are populated but when I look at the student report, some student ethnicity fields are left blank ( random).  I have gone into PowerSchool and made sure the fields were populated so I am confused as to why it is doing this. Also I have 1 white student whose Race 2 is pulling black and Race 3 is white.  She only has one check box marked (WH).  Any thoughts?
Lori Peters
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Yes, I am and have opened a case with support.  Everyone seeing this problem needs to open a case so we can get this escalated.

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So, i just found out today(funny how the guys who needs to know what is going on is usually the last to find out) that we are going to use Review360 for discipline in the elementary. One part of the export they need is

Is hispanic/Latino: can use the fedthnicity code for this

How can I get the following to show up as a seperate column. I know I can go the students race table, but adding Racecd to an export gives me nothing.Anyone have an idea

American Indian or Alaskan Native


Black or African American

Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander


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You have so many students compared to the small schools I work with so I don't know if this is feasible or not.

Are you familiar with the =LOOKUP formula in Excel?

You can export StudentID and RaceCD from the Student Races Table. When I tested this, I exported Student_Number, lastfirst, and id from the student table. I then copied the 2nd export to the 1st export file. I copied and arranged the info to look like this:

Column A: StudentID  B: RaceCD   C: formula for name   D: formula for student number   E,F (blank) G: lastfirst   H; id   I (blank) J: student_number   K: id

In Column C, Line 2 - I used the formula to get their name =LOOKUP(A2:A357,$H$2:$H$357,$G$2:$G$357)

In Column D, Line 2 - I used this formula to get their student number =LOOKUP(A2:A357,$K$2:$K$357,$J$2:$J$357)

That matches your student names & numbers to your StudentID and Race CD. Students who have more than one race checked will have more than one line.

You can then copy and paste Columns A-D into your file with the fedethnicity info. When you paste you will need to use the popup menu of the Past Options "clipboard" and select Values Only. You will need to sort what you pasted  by same field your fedethnicity file is sorted. Then you can add/delete as needed. I don't know what format you need the file for the Review360. Is there only one field for Race?

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

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These are samples of  what we are looking at using.  

The system won't let me add .pst files.  So if you want either of these for upload to PowerSchool, email me and I will send the report to you.   We are still tweaking them, but it can get you started...


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