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BEWARE OF POSSIBLE ISSUE: Our lunch manager reported yesterday that one of the cashier's A La Carte lunch transactions for all of yesterday did not show up on theTransaction Report. He was watching the cashier (because he was new) and verified he was pulling up photos and submitting charges. The two other cashiers' transactions all went through. I called PS support this morning and was told I'm the third person to report this happening with A La Carte version 3.0 since March 22.

From everything the lunch manager told me, the cashier was online, not logged out and hitting submit (not cancel). I checked the GLDetail table in DDE and did not find any transactions for that user. Right now, I'm trying to locate the source of the A La Carte customization to see if there's an update.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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A la Carte is on PowerSource in the Community pages.

Thanks, Peggy. I just posted to the page in PowerSource Exchange. We will not be using the customization until I can be sure this won't happen again. Our lunch manager makes very little profit off the lunch program. He runs it as an independent vendor so I hate to see him lose money. :-(

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Anyone using Marcia Brenner Report Card Creator? We just purchased it and are planning to use it for our Q1 report cards in late October. Just had training on Thursday and it ... well, it was the worst online training session I've ever attended. We were muted during the entire session so we couldn't ask a question and couldn't figure out how to get a message to the trainer. (Other people in the training asked questions so they weren't muted but I think everyone was confused.) She ran through the session and we couldn't keep up as we were trying to follow along. I'm seriously considering asking for my money back. Has anyone used this? Did we just get a bad trainer? When the sales guy showed it to us, it looked very easy to use but I can't get it to work. I'm going on vacation on Wednesday for a week so I don't have a lot of time to get it set up. HELP!

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
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If I want to delete a custom page, do I just find the page and delete it?  Will the original page stay or will I be deleting both pages?  OR do I cancel the custom page to get it to revert to the original page?

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Yes, you can delete the custom page and it will revert to the original page.  

Thank you!

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Is there any way to have different lunch menu choices show on the lunch count screens. We would like our Jr./Sr. High School be have different choices than our elementary buildings.
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Are you using the Al Carte customization??

We do have the AlaCarte customization, but I didn't know if I could change the page that the teachers mark their lunch count on, having different options for one school vs another. Does that make sense?

We are trying to figure out the same thing. With our new lunch program the Lunch Counts fields for the teachers are almost useless.

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I'd like to add a line to our custom report cards that indicates whether a student has a sibling enrolled in school so we know to pull that report for mailing. Can anyone tell me how I can do that? Is there some kind of an if-then statement I could use, such as "if ^(sibling_status)=1 then insert "Y" "?? Does anyone else do something like this to make mailing reports easier? TIA.
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How do I add a custom message to the login screen of the parent portal? I've done this before but I can't remember which page to customize, and my googles aren't working today. :-( Can anyone point me to the correct page in custom pages? Thanks!
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It would be the public/home.html page.

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High school PS folks:

Do you use PowerSchool to track the college scholarships students are offered each year? If so, how do you do it?

We have a custom student screen created with fields for up to 15 scholarships per student, listing college, annual amount and total amount for each scholarship. The registrar compiles the info into a spreadsheet, which she gives to me to upload. However, I have to recreate the spreadsheet after she's created it because it becomes too unwieldy if she lists a student with all her scholarships on one row. With 200 students, this is a huge job.

If the info is entered directly into the custom page, exporting it creates an unwieldy spreadsheet that no one wants to use. I'm not sure how to create a report without 100 fields per student.

Last year, one student applied for and received scholarships at 24 schools. It was a nightmare. Is this data even worth tracking in PowerSchool? Does anyone have a better way?

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Perhaps instead of having fields for 15 individual scholarships, go with a single entry box instead of multiple entry fields.  Then you could list all of the scholarships in the one box and put amounts in parentheses after each school's name.

That would give you alot of entry box data for some kids but would only occupy one column in a spreadsheet when exported; using the wrap text function on that column would make it manageable.

Thanks for the reply, Ray. (Once again, I should have just called you. Ha!) I thought about using a single entry field, but we want to be able to pull and calculate the total scholarship amount offered each year. Exporting that data would require a lot of finagling to get it to a functioning spreadsheet, wouldn't it? I'm no spreadsheet goddess so maybe I'm missing something??

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Does anyone know a way for teachers to see custom field data for their students? I'm trying to create a report so track coaches can see their students and student cell phone numbers. Has anyone found a creative way around the PS limitation preventing teachers to access custom field data?
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We created a course called coach roster, enroll all their student in the course.  They they can see whatever they need.  Make sure the course does not count towards attendance or class rank and such.  Each coach is a different section number.  Works great for us.

Thanks, Kathy. That's what we've done. But we're trying to find a way for the coaches to be able to see and print students' cell phone numbers, which is a custom field we created in PowerSchool. PowerSchool doesn't allow teachers to access custom fields so we're looking for a way around that limitation.

Sorry, I sure didn't read your post very well.  I'm thinking.......

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I have a custom page set up for test scores for students in  powerschool, but it is very simple.  I was wondering if any of you have one that you use that you would share with me and see if it would be more complete than what I have started?
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What kind of test scores? I have one page for ACT Tests and another for ASVAB, PLAN, and SAT scores. The pages could be modified for whatever tests you want to enter. Can we upload files to this list serve or do I need your email to send them to you separately.

You can do Test Scores by setting up your tests at District > Tests or some tests can be entered through the student's page - State/Province - NE > Assessment Fact for National Instrument Results.

Is anybody keeping track of NeSA scores in PowerSchool?  I was just going to set up a custom screen/fields for NeSA scores or should I set it up as Sharon suggested?  Any advice?

I have set up a NeSa Math and Reading test in the student Test Scores page  I just enter the percent for Math Scale
Number Sense, Geometry/Measurement, Algebraic, and Data Analysis/Probablility nad for Reading the percent scale Score, Vocabulary, Comprehension.

Then we do NWEA and I have a Test Score page and I also import into the State Province screen for National Instrument Results.  My test score screen has all the main topics for the 2 times we take the test and the National Instrument only has the last time we take the test for 3 & 5 grades.

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