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Test Scores (4)
I know I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to import PSAT 9 test scores from a .txt file with Student_Number, Grade_Level, Test_Date and 3 scores. The test record for PSAT 9 gets created for the student, but the scores are empty.

I switched to the term 2015-16 for scores with a test date of 10/01/2015. I'm in the only school, not District. I'm mapping the fields. Any idea what I could be doing incorrectly? TIA!

Jane Campbell
Needy PS Admin
Marian High School
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The headings for your scores must have _1for num,_2for percent, _3for alpha  So if you have reading and want the score in the NUM column heading must be Reading_1
If you have Math and want it in the Percent (Middle) Column it would be Math_2  and anything in Alpha Column would be anything_3  


That was it. Thanks, Suzanne! I thought since I was mapping it over to the "Num" option, I didn't need to worry about that. :-)

The _1 stuff changed in the last few years it use to not matter so I had the same issue you were having.  That is why I knew how to fix it.

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If you import PSAT scores into PowerSchool, do you separate out the tests by grade level? For example, PSAT_9, PSAT_10, PSAT_11. Right now, I just have PSAT and was planning to import multiple copies of the PSAT with different dates. That's how I do it with ACT. But is the PSAT a different test for each grade level?? I'm new to importing test data. TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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OK ... I've decided to create separate PSAT tests for each grade. Now I'm wondering: can I use the same Test Results names for each test? Can I use the same "Math_Sec_Score" for PSAT_9, PSAT_10 and PSAT_11? Don't they get assigned to specific tests during the import?

I use the same score names for my NWEA Winter and Fall tests with out a problem so I would say Yes.

Suzanne Stevenson
Columbus Public

Great! Thanks, Suzanne. :-)

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I just popped in the disk with ACT scores, thinking this was going to be a simple upload. This is the first time we've received the scores on disk. There's no PowerSchool number!!?? Did our counselors not provide the correct information to the testing company?? I wasn't involved at any point; just handed the disk. Any suggestions on how to get started? Anyone else working over break?? Hello??
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As far as I know, we do not get a disk with the scores.  Our counselor does it but we don't have a lot of students to enter either.  Sounds like a great idea and should be easy.  Oh yes, working over break!  Happy Holidays to all!

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I have a custom page set up for test scores for students in  powerschool, but it is very simple.  I was wondering if any of you have one that you use that you would share with me and see if it would be more complete than what I have started?
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What kind of test scores? I have one page for ACT Tests and another for ASVAB, PLAN, and SAT scores. The pages could be modified for whatever tests you want to enter. Can we upload files to this list serve or do I need your email to send them to you separately.

You can do Test Scores by setting up your tests at District > Tests or some tests can be entered through the student's page - State/Province - NE > Assessment Fact for National Instrument Results.

Is anybody keeping track of NeSA scores in PowerSchool?  I was just going to set up a custom screen/fields for NeSA scores or should I set it up as Sharon suggested?  Any advice?

I have set up a NeSa Math and Reading test in the student Test Scores page  I just enter the percent for Math Scale
Number Sense, Geometry/Measurement, Algebraic, and Data Analysis/Probablility nad for Reading the percent scale Score, Vocabulary, Comprehension.

Then we do NWEA and I have a Test Score page and I also import into the State Province screen for National Instrument Results.  My test score screen has all the main topics for the 2 times we take the test and the National Instrument only has the last time we take the test for 3 & 5 grades.

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