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I'm trying to print the Teacher Gradebook Report (under System Reports) by teacher for an EOY backup. The report is only printing 3 students per page, leaving most of the page blank. I've run this report in the past so I know it can easily fit at least 30 students. I see nothing in the report setup that is limiting the pages to three students. Any suggestions?

The teachers are all on PT Pro, if that makes a difference. 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
PS 12.1.4
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Is there a way to suppress letter grades for assignment scores? We want letter grades to show for the final/term grade in Quick Lookup but I have 2 teachers requesting letter grades be suppressed for individual assignment scores. They just want the score and percentage to show. I'm told students stress out too much when they see an F on a five-point assignment. Is this even possible? TIA

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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1. I have a teacher who wants assignments to automatically get docked 50 percent when they are marked late. Is there way to do that with PTP? She says she was able to do this with the old Gradebook app.

2. I have a teacher who would like to change her default login screen in PowerTeacher Pro to something other than the Assignments screen. Is there a way to change the default login screen? I don't see anything under Settings.

Only two questions today so I guess it's a good day. ;-) TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE
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1. I dont think this is possible... I don't think it was possible in the old gradebook either but I could be wrong. :-).

2. I know that for sure this is NOT possible at the time. I know it is one of the most requested enhancements for PTPro.

PowerSchool is trying to force all teachers to try/use the Assignment list (default screen) They see this screen as a "to-do" list for the teacher. I am not sure I agree with their logic.  I have many teachers asking for the old score sheet to be their default screen. Right now there is no way to switch the default login screen.


1. It depends what the teacher wants docked 50%. If she wants the student's score to be docked 50%, I don't think it can be done. If she wants the score to automatically be 50% of the points possible, this is possible by creating a special code that uses the 'Assignment % Value' in a Special Codes grade scale that is tied to the grade scale for the section.

2. Adrian is correct.  I agree I don't know if I go along with PS's  logic wanting it to be a "to-do" list for teachers. But if teachers get in a habit of sorting the assignment screen by the 'Scored' column, they might find the screen more handy and helpful seeing which assignments have missing scores.

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I understand there's a way in PowerSchool for teachers to indicate they've verified grades, and reports for administrators to run to see who hasn't verified grades. I've found verification reports, but how does it work on the teacher side? Is there something I need to turn on? Or is it a customization I need to load? TIA

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Figured it out. :-) Teachers go to Gradebook > Select Course > Scoresheet tab > Click "S1 in Progress" > Check the "Final Grades Complete" box. Using Gradebook Verification Report for the Custom Reports Bundle.

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Good morning, I just found out that the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook does not allow individual teachers to set their round/truncate preferences for their gradebook. There is currently only a setting at school level.

I found an enhancement request regarding this missing feature. Please help me vote it up:

The quickest way to find it is to log into PowerSource, search "truncate" then click on the Enhancement request tab. 

Thanks for you help on this!

Kristi Kuhns
Norris School District 160

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I get this question every year and I'm always giving the wrong answer. We have semester-long classes but we store grades for Q1 and Q2. They go home on what we call a quarterly progress report.

My question: if the S1 and S2 are the official grades for a class, do our teachers need to set up Q1 and Q3 terms? Looking back on my notes, I looked into this before and ended up telling the teachers they need to do final grade setup for all four terms (Q1, S1, Q3, S2). But this doesn't make sense to me. Why should they set up Q1 and Q3 if only S1 and S2 are official grades?

Ideas? My brain hit its capacity last week ...


Jane ;-)
Marian High School

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OK ... so here's what I found in my notes. Is this true? Is there a way to store a Q1 and Q3 term grade but not have those terms need to be set up?

"Q1 and Q3 terms need to be set up the same as S1 and S2. Technically, Marian doesn’t do the traditional quarterly grades (such as Q1+Q2=S1), but we store quarter grades so we have to set up a term for Q1 and Q3. If your S1 grades are set up to calculate using category weights but Q1 is set to default with total points, the Q1 and S1 grades will be different."

I guess the answer is yes and no or maybe "it's complicated" or maybe "it depends".

There are two parts to this and it comes from the start of the Permanently Store Grades screen: 

1) Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term:
2) Save with this Historical Store Code:

When you store grades, the store code that gets recorded can be anything you want. You enter characters into the field labeled "Save with this Historical Store Code:".  You could have the records showing XX or Q8 if you wish. But most of us enter the same value as was chosen in the line above which is "Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term".

The "Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term" tells the stored grade process what final grade to use in the Teacher's Gradebook.

So YES, you can store a Q1 grade for a semester long section, without setting up a Q1 grading term. 

Use this Final Grade/Reporting Term:  S1
Save with this Historical Store Code:  Q1

Just realize, this grade that gets stored with a Q1 store code is not necessarily the average of all the grades for a specific range of time (ie: start of Q1 to the end of Q1). This grade would be the calculation as of the point in time when the grades were stored. If you stored the grades 3 days after the end of the quarter, it might contain grades from Q2 if a teacher has entered grades from assignments given in Q2.

Some schools have gotten completely away from quarters, so when they store grades in the middle of the term, they store an M1 the first semester and an M2 the second. Again, this indicates the average at the point in time grades were stored.

If you don't have quarter terms defined and you store a grade at the mid-term, no matter if you call it M1 or Q1, the issue I see with this is if a parent questions the stored grade, you have no way of determining which assignment grades were used in the calculation. It was whatever grades that were entered when grades were stored. There is no way of going back and trying to see if your calculation is right b/c there is no date range to pull the assignments.

Just because you create a Q1 & Q2 grading term doesn't mean teachers have to calculate their S1 grade using the quarter terms. They can calculate S1 any way they would like.

Maybe a compromise if you are truly against even saying or showing the word quarter, is to create an M1 grading term that runs from the first day of school to the middle of the term, and then you can store this term grade and I would use M1 as my store code too. This way you would know what assignments make up that stored grade and you are not mentioning quarters.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Wayne. When we store the quarter grade ("snapshot" is what the administrators call it), we use the S1 grade, as in your example. Technically, we know which grades were entered by the specific date and time so we should be able to go back to verify a quarter grade, if needed. But for all purposes, the Q1 grade is not an official grade. 

If we turn off the term Q1 from ever showing for parents and students, it shouldn't matter if Q1 is set up like S1, right? The problem we've had in the past is when parents and students see the Q1 grade and it's showing a different grade from S1 during the first quarter.

I like the idea of calling it an M1 grade -- really gets away from the quarter. Maybe I'll pass that along.

Thanks for your help! :-)

My issue with setting up Q1 and Q3 is that teachers always forget or don't get them set up correctly with the S1 and S2 grade setup. Plus it's twice the work, which further encourages teachers to not complete setting it up consistently for each class. I end up running reports and tracking teachers down, which I don't have time to do.

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I've been looking through the info available now on the upcoming PowerTeacher Pro. Looks like the new gradebook will be VERY different. Has anyone seen a demo yet? Are you planning to roll it out next fall for all teachers to use? Are you planning training yet for your teachers? I can't wait to get rid of the Java-based app, but I'm leery of springing an all-new grade book on the teachers next fall. Just wondering what you are all planning to do.

Jane :-)
Marian High School
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Will we have a choice? I have not read alot and not really got into it BUT sounds like we will not have a choice if we update our systems. 
 Get out the aspirin.. 

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

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I don't really know whats going on, none of my teachers can launch gradebook.  I've tried reinstalling the launch on their desktops, I've tried to launch the old way, I've updated Java, I'm Downgraded java!!!! Nothing like having an issue with gradebook a week before the quarter ends - Anyone else having this problem??? We are hosted running 9.1.1 Java 8 Update 66.
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What a nightmare! We are on hosted, 9.1.1 also and our teachers are using Macs. I've installed Java 8 update 66 on 2 teacher Macs in the past couple of days. No problems at our school. What does support say?

It's strange that all your teachers can't access Gradebook. Try this PowerSource document: ID 73638 "PowerTeacher Gradebook Standalone App fails to launch"  This has instructions for both Macs and Windows users. This fixes a lot of Gradebook problems for me.

We haven't jumped to 9.1.x yet but earlier this fall I ok'd our hosting vendor upgrading us from 8.0.x to 8.3.x.  That killed our gradebookson all Macs running OS 10.6.8 (yeah, I still have a few of those).

If your hosted server was recently upgraded, something similar might be happening in this case.  The Release Notes for each PowerSchool update usually have notes on compatibility (which I hadn't bothered to read carefully prior to our issue).

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Anyone else using Macs having problems launching Gradebook after the upgrade to PowerSchool 9? Anyone using Macs and not having problems launching Gradebook after the update?

So far, the only teacher who CAN launch his Gradebook is running MacOSX 10.8.4 and Java 7 update 40. I'm working with support on this issue but I'm getting very nervous because school starts next week. :-P

(sigh) Don't you laugh at me, Ray Bentzen! ;-)
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Guess this issue mainly affects servers hosted by PowerSchool. Unfortunately, the recommended fix to take Java back to Update 45 isn't working for us.  :-(

If you're hosted and have been upgraded to PowerSchool 9 AND you have Macs that CAN launch, please let me know what version Java you're using.

Just LOVE this time of year. :-P

We are on Java 8 version 51 and can launch the gradebook.  We used the installer but had to redownload the installer and run it.  We replaced the one that they already had installed and that got it to work.

I haven't had a teacher enquire about the java webstart launch since they are all using the GradeBook app.  I am able to launch the .jnlp file with Java 8 Update 45, but can't launch with update 51 (Mac OS 10.10.4)

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Is anyone else having trouble getting the new gradebook launch method icon to appear on the PowerTeacher page?  We have the desktop icon, just not the one in PowerTeacher.

According to support mine does not appear because I have customizations.  When I turn off customization it does appear.  They cannot (will not) give me any idea which customization  could be affecting this.  I really don't think I have customized anything on PowerTeacher except the log in page.  I reverted that to the original and it did not help. 

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  Otherwise the only suggestion support could offer was to revert every customized page individually until I hit the right one!

Thank you!!!
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If you click into System/ System Settings/ Global Server Settings

There is a PowerTeacher Gradebook settings link : which if it is selected for Windows / Both or whatever, it will only allow you to download and launch that way.

If it is set to none, it will return to normal.

Try that

When I go to the global server settings page the only options I see for PowerTeacher Gradebook Settings are:

Secure Server SSL
Server Host name or IP Adress
PowerTeacher Gradebook Socket Timeout (Minutes)


If you are running 7.10.x the "Enable alternate deployment method for PowerTeacherGradebook" link is in Global Server Settings.  With 7.11 they removed it.  There is a "Gradebook Launcher Installers" link in System Settings but that is only to down the installers. You could try using one of those for the installs.

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The registration secretary recently enrolled a new student who is transferring to our school in January. She shows up on the admin side as pre-registered with the entry date of 01/06/2014. Her enroll status is -1. But she's showing up in teachers' Gradebooks for the S1 term. (These are yearlong courses.) The teachers were all confused, thinking they have a new student in class, and she also shows up under attendance. I verified in a teacher's Gradebook that she is showing under active students.

She shouldn't be showing up in Gradebook and attendance if she's not an active student, right?? Are we enrolling the student incorrectly?? TIA.
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I'm posting my answer, in case anyone else comes across this issue where a pre-registered student shows up in PT Gradebook before active date. There's a setting in PT Gradebook:

Go to Gradebook Preferences.
Click the Student tab.
Check the box "Hide pre-registered students."

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Can anyone give me reasonings why you feel it's important for teachers to let you know when grades are updated after grades are stored.  What explanation do you give teachers of why this is important, or do you feel it's important?

I was able to install the custom reports bundle with the grade book vs. stored grades report and was shocked at the number of teachers that changed students grades and did not let me know (even after it was told to them that they needed too).

Any thoughts would be appreciated!  Thanks!
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I meant Stored Grades vs. Grade book.  :)

We had the same thing happen last summer. We ran the custom report and found a lot of changed grades.   We decided this year we are going to watch closely.   After quarter ended this Oct we ran the report and had 3 teachers change grades and didn't following the proper procedure to get stored grades changed.   I think it is just a matter of you being "cop" so to say and watch the report after you store and talk to those teachers.   We have a Yellow Grade Change form they are suppose to fill out if they change the grade after we store.  This way we have a record of why it was changed.  Maybe show the teachers this report and have them figure out why it changed.  It might make them more responsible the next time you store grades.

We tell our teachers it is important because parents see what is in PowerSchool on the Parent log in side which is Live Grades and the grades for a class could be different from what was sent to them on the report card which are Stored Grades.  If they are different the Teacher must explain to the parents how this has happened. 

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We had a couple teachers update their java when prompted yesterday, and now gradebook will not open again for them.   We had finally got everything back to normal here with gradebooks.   Anyone else have this issue?   Is there some workaround again?

I was asked to upload the Gradebook app that Ray sent it is...

If that doesn't work, try downloading it from here:

It will have to be is the message Ray sent me, and this worked GREAT!

Yes.  The settings are for St. Vincent de Paul's PowerSchool server, which won't do the Alliance folks much good.
So where the properties file says,
you will need to enter your information.  Log in to PowerSchool as an
administrator, go to System>System Settings>Global Server
Settings.  Whatever is listed there under PowerTeacher Gradebook
Settings - External Access is what you will need to put in the
properties file and save.  And that should work for you.
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There is an issue with the Java 1.7.0_45 update and PowerTeacher.

This is the workaround.

In PowerTeacher, click on Gradebook at the left. Under the Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook there is a warning line - "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, click here to further assess the problem." Select the "click here" and it takes you to the directions.

I have had good luck (in a Mac environment) downloading and installing the gradebook app.  Teachers can then access their gradebook via an icon on their dock; that still gives them a web interface but one that isn't affected by the Java issues (or so far that's the case, anyway).

I had to do a little configuring of the properties file in order to get the app to run properly; I did that on one machine and then put the app to a USB stick and copied to the rest of the machines.

We are Mac, running 10.8.    We finally got everything working great until yesterday.  They can "Skip" the update, but it's too late for some already.   Ray, tell me more about the gradebook app, and what you did?   If you don't want to post it all here, you can email me

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Is anyone else having problems again with Gradebook launching?  We have some people who are again having problems launching gradebook.  They can access PowerTeacher, but not gradebook.
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Had the same problem pop up late last week on our machines running 10.6.8.  Once again, it was the result of the ongoing Apple-Java not playing nice issues.

Java for Mac Update 15 will fix the problem for 10.6.8 (until the next updates from Apple kill Java again and result in the next Java for Mac update.

Here's a link for that update:

Thanks, we will give it a try.

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Has anyone heard of a new gradebook problem with Java?  The science teacher came to my class and told me that Java updated and now he can't get into his gradebook, but I haven't heard from any other teachers or anything on the PowerSchool lists I monitor.  Haven't had time to do much troubleshooting yet, but thought I would go ahead and reach out to the 'experts'.  Thanks!
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I had the same issue crop up today for teachers running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Apple continues to create problems for that OS and then has to come up with Java updates to fix those problems).

I downloaded and installed Java Update 14 from the support site; that fixed the issue.

As to not all teachers mentioning the issue, my guess is they are either not running 10.6.8 or haven't actually re-started their laptop/desktop in several days (once re-started I bet the gradebook won't work).  

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We have noticed that with our new staff this year, they have to go to another screen after entering grades to publish the assignment.  It doesn't appear to be like that for the veteran teachers.  Is there a setting we need to put in so it automatically publishes when the teacher enters a grade?
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In the teacher's gradebooks, select Tools > Categories. Select each category and check the Publish Scores box.

They might want to check the other settings in that window, too. If you always use 100 points, I would change the default from 10 to 100.

They will have to publish the scores in the assignment section for any assignments created before checking the box in Categories.

Thanks, I will give that to them :)

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