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I have went through all the steps to calculate honor roll, and my report comes back blank.  I know that is not correct.  Can anyone help point me in the right direct?  I have checked to make sure my GPA calculations are in and they are.  
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If your coding for pulling honor roll includes a reference to a specific term (Q1 I'm guessing), be sure your Current Grade Display (under School>Grading) for the affected school is also set to Q1).

And that might be something you already have in place.  If so, never mind.

Also, if you have a year in your calculation, make sure it is updated for 2019.

Thank you, I never thought about ensuring the current display was set correctly.   I will try that. 

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I just finished storing grades, and running honor roll and class ranking for our seniors yesterday morning. Now I have a request ("just to see what happens") to run a second honor roll and class ranking for seniors that excludes PE and Fine Arts courses. I know this is possible, but where would I put it? I have the usual Honor Roll calculation that goes into Store Code S2 and a second one for seniors called "High Honors" that goes into Store Code Y1. If I ran a 3rd calculation, I don't know where to store it. Does anyone do multiple honor rolls that exclude specific courses? If so, where do you store it? Thanks!
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Where do you put it? You could use any code you want for the store code.... Z1, P2, 2H (for 2nd HR), etc. It is just a code you specify, which is used later to determine what records you pull when you run the HR report. The code has nothing to do with any term codes used in Final Grade Setup. This only addresses storing the HR records.

To me, the big question would be how do you ignore the PE & Fine Arts grades in the GPA calculation. I don't see that as your question, so if you have that figured out, there is no need for me to ramble on.  :)

Thanks, Wayne. I didn't realize I could create any kind of storage code.  That makes sense. So if I run Honor Roll and Class Ranking from this GPA calculation, I'll still be able to store each one into a specific storage code. 

Your big question has me worried. ;-) Looking at the options under GPA Calculations Method, you can list grade levels, school years and credit types. I'm assuming I can just list the credit types I want to include. Guess I'll find out ...  ;-)

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I think my brain is fried lately.  I just calculated honor roll for a school, looks good, but I want to save that group of kids so I can print certificates.   I thought I did that by matching selections last year in DDE.   However, I am having issues.   I'll keep at it, but if anyone has the answer, it may save me some time!!! 
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And, I know last year I was then able to run out the certificates easily from there as well.   PowerSource is down, so I'm asking you guys!!

I have a reporting engine report for honor roll that I love.  You can run your honor roll and then it gives you the "Functions" option so you can print a report or whatever you want to do.  If I can send that template through this source I don't know how.  If you would like to give me your e-mail I could forward it to you.  Or  I probably got it from PowerData Solutions if you'd like to check there.

Kris, could you send it to me?

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