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slowness (2)
PowerSchool is running slow for us. Anyone else? We are hosted by PowerSchool.
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Also hosted and seem to be fine!

Thanks, Kris. Must just be us. We probably need another restart after the update.

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Are you experiencing reoccurring slowness in PowerSchool? If you are, please fill out a Google form so we can get a better idea of the general characteristics of the slowness and try to determine if there is a consistent pattern across multiple districts. The form has 11 questions and hopefully is fairly quick and easy to complete. You will be able to see all the submissions. With this information we may be able to identify an issue(s) that we can collectively solve. I recommend you submit a form everyday you experience the slowness. This way we will have collaborating data if we need to take the issue to Pearson.

Click HERE for the form.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Wayne Wiens
Integration Specialist - PowerSchool
Educational Service Unit #10
308.698.1996 x296 work
402.806.0455 cell
Tags: slowness
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