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Is anyone else having problems loading the PowerTeacher site on Safari and mobile devices? I'm able to access PowerTeacher through Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. Safari takes a long time to load sign-in page. Teachers on iPads able to log into PT through Chrome app, but not as quickly as usual.

We are hosted, running 10.0.4.
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Just to update this issue in case anyone else runs into it ... None of the PS login pages would load with Safari on MacOS and iOS devices. I did find one teacher on an older version of Safari for Mac who was able to load PS login pages. PS support escalated the issue. It appears to have been a known issue and they already had a workaround to install on my server. They'll be restarting my server tonight and they appear confident it will fix the problem.

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Just received a call from a parent reporting that her parent emails are showing her student with all As in every class (not true) and emails that show no scores (all zeroes). I tested two other students and get the same info (either As or all zeroes). Anyone else seeing this? We are hosted. Could this be related to their Rackspace issues the past couple of days?? I just submitted a ticket but I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this.
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Is anyone syncing Naviance with hosted PowerSchool server? 
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We use Naviance but have not tried to sync with PowerSchool.  I will have to find out if it is possible or advantageous to do so.

It is possible to sync Naviance with PowerSchool, but the support rep told me it's not possible if you don't host your own server. I'm pretty sure that's not true, but I'm trying to find someone who can confirm that.

Jane, I'm pretty sure it is possible, even for hosted servers, using PS's AutoSend Setup function to download info from PS and then using cURL to upload the file to Naviance. The initial upload to Naviance has to be done manually, but after that, it can be automated with cURL.

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PowerSchool is running slow for us. Anyone else? We are hosted by PowerSchool.
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Also hosted and seem to be fine!

Thanks, Kris. Must just be us. We probably need another restart after the update.

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