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Is anyone using the special education module for PowerSchool?  Any opinions?

Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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2 Responses to "SPED module for PowerSchool"

We used PowerSchool in parallel to SRS for the past few years because the PowerSchool reports were much easier to work with in NSSRS.  For this year, we have chosen to use PowerSchool for ADVISER rather than SRS.  I believe our SPED teachers are still entering data in both systems.

The biggest advantage of PowerSchool is that it removes a layer of complexity when working on reporting errors.  Unless a person with SRS access is doing your ADVISER, it takes extra steps to fix errors.  Having it all in the same system really makes problem resolution much easier.  

The disadvantage is that if you want to use SRS features that don't exist in PowerSchool (I'm not SPED and have never used SRS, so I don't know what those are), you have to maintain data in both systems.


We did use PowerSchool when doing NSSRS but this year our Sped director decided to use SRS.  It doesn't seem to be that bad but we do have a couple students we transferred out and the other school transferred in but we have errors in ADVISER.
when we used it in Power School teachers still updated SRS. We have a sped secretary that updated PowerSchool.  And I created a custom page for data like MDT date and IEP date and case manager etc.

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