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Summer panic set in a couple of weeks ago. How is everyone handling new parents and portal access?

We are using the new contacts and have a sqlFormLettersLite set up to confirm SSO access for returning students. But we don't have anything ready for new students.

How are you creating contacts and portal access for parents of new students? Does anyone have a good process in place? The registrar and I are already swamped. We're looking for the quickest way for us to get just under 200 new contacts and access accounts created?

Any suggestions are welcome. All parents need access asap to fill out our online registration pages. My plans that included a Costco-sized bottle of Irish whiskey aren't working out. 

Also, I need to upgrade our server to 19.x. Do student passwords need to be at least 8 characters? (We currently use 5.)


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2 Responses to "Contacts and Summer Panic"

This is what we're thinking of doing for new students:

1. Create parent contacts for each student.
2. Create an access account through mother's contact, creating a unique user name and giving each parent the same password.
3. Parents will need to change password the first time they log into account.

Not sure what kind of formula to use to create the parent username. Any suggestions?

This is such a labor-intensive process. We don't have secretaries available to help us. :-(

If we know a parent is not already a contact in our system, could we just have them set up an access account as we did in the past? This would create the parent contact and net access at the same time, right? Would this be an easy way to get contacts set up?

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