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Dec 2009 (6)
Does anyone have a form letter already created to send to parents so that they can select their new race and ethnocty according the new state and federal guidelines. If so, I would relaly be interetsed in using it.
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I am working on one over break and I am going to try it in ReportWorks.  If successful, I will share it on the group;)

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A while back I saw some questions flying around about how a district would store health/medical information of students in PowerSchool.  There were a couple of ways to do this, either use a third party system or create custom pages/screens with all the necessary fields in PS for your data.  I was never really a fan of either but with the release of PowerSchool 6.1 and Health Management, it may satisfy the requirements you are looking for to manage your student’s health records.  If you want to implement this in your district, download PowerSource article 59166.
If you want to take a quick peek, here are a few quick notes on setup.  All immunizations, screening and grade level entry certifications are defined in the district office under District Setup.  You must enable the “Health” screen for each security group.  System --> Security --> Groups --> Select Group (example Nurses).  Now give appropriate access rights to that group.  I gave our nurses View/Modify/Delete for Certification and Screening and View/Modify for Immunization under the Health and Immunization section.  Don’t forget to check the checkbox “Health” under the Accessible Student Screens for access on student pages.  Scroll and hit submit.  As with Incident Management, I believe you will be able to generate reports from ReportWorks at a later date.
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I do not see a plus or add sign on the immunization screen I am failry sure i have all access set up correctly to read/write and delete if an option. Any other ideas.

Just for kicks, go to School Setup --> Miscellaneous under General --> Uncheck Show student photo on student screens.  Submit and try it again.  PowerSource ID: 59031  It seems fixed with 6.1 here but who knows.  If that doesn't work did you try to disable customizations.  Lastly, image server -> did you copy over the new scripts/images etc?

What are you using for Exemption Types and Codes?

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Got a simple questions but just don't know. My teachers on the gradebook want to see a class with the Q1,Q2 adn S1 grades right next to the names. They can change to each time Frame - Q1, Q2 or S1 and see grades but would like to see in a row. They would like to do this so they can do a quick sanity check on the final grades. By having them all in a row you can see if someone has a Q1-80, Q2-85 then S1 should be around 82 or 83.. Of course depending weighting and stuff. how do you do this??


Gary Warner
Adams Central
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I;m not sure that you can get all 3 to appear on the screen, but if you run the "Scoresheet" report you will see all 3 grades in a row.

I'm not sure if this will change it, but you can try. Go to School Setup>Miscellaneous and change the drop-down menu to Semester.

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I received the notification from Pearson last Friday regarding the updates for state reporting.  The release notes stated that the new page for entering the National Assessment information should now appear on the student pages,  as well as the Assess Fact National Instrument state report.  I do not see either one.  Do any of the rest of you have them now and if so can you tell me what to do to get them?  I have my update server set correctly and all the correct boxes checked as far as I can tell.  Thank you for any information!
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I've been trying to come up with an Activities Report that would list all the sports, etc., that a student had been in for the year.

I used an If/then statement to determine if a student had been in an activity:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country)

I put in a statement like that for each of the activities we have. I wanted to put in a hard return to separate them, but only if there was actually text present, not after every if/then statement, so I changed it to the following:

^(CC;if.not.blank.then=Cross Country<br>)

By golly if it didn't print just the ones that returned a value!!

I'm so excited about this and there's no one else geeky enough around here to be excited with me :~D

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
Valentine, NE
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That works AWESOME!  Thank you for sharing!

 This geek is pounding his fist on his keyboard and giving the "peace" sign back at ya!!
 If I did the same thing on my chest like the Pro players, it would hurt.. LOL

Gary Warner

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PowerSchool Sharing Agenda

Friday, December 11, 2009

9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

ESU 10

76 Plaza Blvd – Kearney

Facilitator:  Wayne Wiens, ESU 9 


·         New NSSRS requirements (Don’t we love them!)

·          Race/Ethnicity

·           Curriculum Reporting

·         Customizations

·          Requires the latest PS update: version as of 12/1/09 

·          Free downloads of customized screens & reports

·          Learn how to import and modify these customizations

·         Are your grades stored correctly?

·          Verify your stored grades have the correct credit, exclusions, and percents

·         Scheduling will be here soon!

·          Get your student request screens ready

·         Q&A


Register at

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Is anyone coming into Kearney on 10 from the north on Friday for the sharing session.  I am having my car detailed at Quick Lube and have to have it there at 8:00 a.m.  So was either going to have them shuttle me down to the ESU, but if anyone is coming into town for the sharing session and could pick me up it would save me the shuttle fee they charge.  Any takers??

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