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Feb 2009 (6)
The 6th Annual NEPSUG meeting will be held on April 22, 2009 in Omaha.
The planning committee is looking for Nebraska PowerSchool users who
would be willing to present on sessions of interest. 
Do you use PowerSchool to improve productivity for your teachers, secretaries or
administrators?  For NSSRS?  We are interested in hearing from
you.   You will receive complimentary registration if your topic and
presentation are chosen.
Please e-mail the following information to
School District:______________________
Years Using PowerSchool______________
Please Describe your presentation:

NEPSUG Planning Committee

Jane Davis at (308)368-5572
Hershey Public Schools
301 South Lincoln, Box 369
Hershey, NE 69143
Suzanne Stevenson at (402)563-7000 ext 1503
Columbus Public Schools
2508 27th Street
Columbus, NE 68601

Leonard Kwapnioski at (402)563-7000 ext 1500
Columbus Public Schools
2508 27th Street
Columbus, NE 68601

Bev Lauby at (308)324-4681 ext 14
Lexington Public Schools
1610 N Washington
Lexington, NE 68850

Greg Boettger at (402)390-2150
Westside Community Schools
909 South 76th Street
Omaha, NE 68114
Kathy Riese at (402) 461-7615
Hastings Public Schools
1924 West A St.
Hastings, NE 68901
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A while ago, I added a custom page that has a link in the Reports screen called School Level Reports. This screen has a bunch of links set up for customized reports to use at the school level. My problem is that I can't remember where I got the .html files from to add to my custom folder so these work.
Does anyone have an idea what I'm talking about or can assist me?

Chris Ericson
Sutton HS
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I think that is where I am finding this. Or I am finding that there is another site that uses info from PDS.
Anyway. The report is called Custom Reports Home v2.1.  It is real nice and will be better when all the links are updated.

Thanks to all who respond/ed

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There was a previous post about Java update 11 and not to install it because it would cause PTG issues.  While this did not affect us it seems the latest release of Java 1.6.0_12 for windows does.  I have verified this on multiple systems.
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I am looking for places to learn some basic JAVA so I can do some java customizations in PowerSchool.  There are lots of sessions at PSU that deal with JAVA and I would like to take these classes.  However, I would like a basic foundation before going to PSU so I don't waste my time in the class.

Brian, I was at PSu this summer and took the basic and inter on java. I have very little coding experience except for html and basic, basic DOS (yes a long time ago). It was easy. They really build from one lesson to the next. They had us doing some pretty cool things that in my classes and then idea's just started to fly around. I would not worry at all about it. 

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The following PDF shows how to read, post, make comments, and search through a Community.

community instructions.pdf

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This is more of an NSSRS question than it is a PS question, so I'll apologize for that in advance.

We had a couple of high school kids move in from elsewhere in the state and their old school sent along their assessment data. One of them is a Junior and has quite a number of grade 11 assessments completed.

Am I responsible for reporting those or is the old school? I think that they are, but my admin thinks that we do it. The bigger question probably aims more at the younger sibling. When he gets to be a Junior, do we act like those were our assessments or not?

And how about other out-of-level assessments for kids that have moved? Someone who took something in Algebra I in 9th grade and then moved away? They wouldn't be in my student report, so if I add them to the assessment reports, I'm going to get an error.

I'm not sure how to handle this and would like some input as to how other schools are handling it.


Peggy Medema
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I visited with our curriculum director to try and find you an answer and here is what she told me:  It was her understanding that the 11th grader will be reported at his old school for the assessments he took while at the old school, for the ones he didn't take they will mark them with an "M" for moved.  You will mark the ones that he takes at your school with the scores he receives and mark the ones that he took at his pervious school with an "M".  So both schools old and new will report on him for the assessments that he completed in their school.

Now on to the younger brother, depending on his grade may be the key to your answer.   She said she would always "Bank" results of any student who took assesments in her school, (even if they transfered in) for future use.  Because the STARS reporting will be phased out and replaced.   She thought your best bet on the younger brother would be to call the help desk and talk to them.  Pam Tagert is always my go to girl, she does a super job of answering my questions.  

Hope this helps!!!
Lori Holmstedt
Paxton Schools


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Is there anyway for the teachers to sort the students listed in PowerTeacher? We have some teachers that want to resort PowerTeacher so the students are listed the same as they have them their paper gradebooks.

Thank You
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Last year at Nebraska PSUG Todd Deterding told us that teachers shouldn't be keeping a paper gradebook anyway. I didn't think that was much of an answer. Obviously he's never worked in an elementary.

There was a post about this today on the Yahoo PSUG listserve and someone posted that it was coming in a future update.

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