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Jul 2009 (4)
I was experimenting with Reportworks, finished my document, published it to Powerschool, and tried to print the file.  The print queue just keeps running and running, it never completes the document.  Has anyone else been working with reportworks and been able to print their documents or have you run into this same situation?  Reportworks is easy to create items, but if I can't print what is the use.

Thank you to any and all for help.

Brian Fleischman
Overton Public School
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Does anyone know how to set tabs in ReportWorks? I'm not finding anything in the documentation.

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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 I don't know as we just got upgraded to 6.0 yesterday and I have not got around to playing with it. BUT I was at PSU back in June. I have the e-copy of report works that might talk about it. If you need a copy, let me know..

That would be awesome!! Thanks!!!

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Our middle school secretary just tried to enter user names and passwords for incoming 6th graders. In the past, the password was always visible, but now it's just stars. Is there a setting somewhere that makes that visible?
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On PS 6, when you click on Administrator under Setup it now asks for a username and password.  How do you set this up?  My log in does not work.  I can't seem to find anything on PowerSource about this.  ANY insite will be GREATLY appreciated!  Thank you!

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The username and password default is: system & manager. This Administrator feature is also available in 5.2, but there is no link. You can access Administrator in 5.2 by using this url address:

MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE PASSWORD!! Even on 5.2, I would change it even though you are going to upgrade to 6 in the near future.


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