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Aug 2009 (20)
We have quarter long classes for our Jr High.  The teachers are having trouble using the grade set up in their grade book.  I'm sure it is something to do with the way I have the quarter classes set up.  If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

While I'm on this topic I know I had trouble last spring getting 1st and 2nd quarter classes to print on the final report card.  If you have suggestions for this I would appreciate any you could give for this as well.  Thanks again for the help!
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The first place to check is Final Grade Setup in PowerSchool. Do you have your Quarter final grades created in the Quarter terms for these cources? Your report card problems might have to do w/ your current problem or it might be the way you are storing your grades if the report card is pulling historical grades. Are last year's Qtr grades showing in Historical grades?

Thanks Wayne!  I checked the final grade setup, that is the problem I'm quite sure.  I just wanted to check though, if I create the quarter final grades in the quarter terms it should not affect my semester and year long classes correct? 

That is correct. Think of each "row" in Final Grade Setup as all the courses that are that length, b/c each "row" only relates to the classes that are that length. Anything you put in a term box, such as Q1, will only affect the courses that are Q1 in length. The length of a course is set in the Sections window. 

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Does anyone know of a customization for PT that would allow a teacher to click on something and see all the students in that class and all theri attendance for the last wekk or two. I know you can click on the kid and see theri attendance, but it would be nice to see it for all the kids on one screen. Just checking.
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There is a report in the gradebook named Attendance Grid.  You can choose which students and dates.  That may work for you.

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I'm trying to print a report card for a 2009 graduate.  I thought the easiest way to do that would be to go to last year and print the report card.  When I went into last year it is showing me the 2009-2010 seniors.  With further looking, no matter what grade I select it is showing me this years classes.  I have done a search for last years seniors and power school is not pulling them.  I'm sure this is an easy fix but some of this power school stuff is new to me and I would appreciate some help if anyone knows what to do.  Thanks!
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I have found that all I can print for past years is a transcript.
You need to look under School - pull down Graduated Students for past Seniors.  You will also need to use the / slash to pull them forward.

Hope that helps. :)

I believe you should be able to print past report cards for graduated students. Go to the school "Graduated Students" and see if you can change the Year to "08-09." If you can't, you will need to create an 08-09 year in Years & Terms.  Once you can change the year to 08-09 in Graduated Students, search for your student by putting a / in front of the student name and run the report for this student. Your report card will need to pull the grades from the Historical grades, not the Current grades.

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I am new to using Graduation Sets for auditing graduation requirements for our students.  Is there a way to pull classes that the students took from historical?
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If you'd like to place a file or doc on the Community, you need to post an new article, i.e. it can't be done via a comment.  Once logged in, click on Publishing, then Add New Artcile. In the editing tool bar click on the Document Manager button  , which will allow you to upload a document.

Pictures can be done similiarly by clicking on the Image Manager button

For both of them, if this is the first time you've uploaded a doc or image, you'll have to:upload it to the community server, so the steps would include:

  • clicking on the appropriate button
  • select Upload in the tool bar
  • find the file and select it
  • click upload
  • make sure the file is selected
  • click on Insert in the lower right corner of the window.


For images, there is an image editor where you can reduce them in size to make them fit better in the community window.

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Posted on behalf of Jennifer Maas

I am new to using Graduation Sets for auditing graduation requirements for our students.  Is there a way to pull classes that the students took from historical?
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If you want to post a new question to the Community, it's best to do it from the Publishing link in the navigation bar rather than making a Comment.  

Click on the  . button and enter a title as well as your question.

Slide to the bottom and click Save as Draft.  You'll see how it will look if Published.  If all looks good, click on the pencil above the article to enter the edit mode again.  This time, click Take out of Draft Mode at the botton and at the bottom of the new window, choose tags that are appropriate or enter a new one if none of the existing tags fit.

Then click on Save Article at the bottom and it will appear to the rest of the Community.

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PowerSchool Sharing Session Agenda

Wed. August 26, 2009 @ ESU 10

9:00 - 3:30 CST

Presenter - Wayne Wiens, ESU 9

Register at


The following new features of PowerSchool 6 will be covered:

Address Management - provides address validation & boundary management by incorporating Google Maps

Course Prerequisites - ability to define and enforce prerequisites rules that automatically limit the courses a student can request.

Smart Search - searching is easier and more powerful

ReportWorks - easy, custom report development

Custom Web Page Management - provides ability to manage custom web pages via the web

PowerTeacher Gradebook - online gradebook. We will cover the new features in 1.6, but also  explore the basic features for those not familiar w/ PT Gradebook.

PowerSchool Administrator - helps to monitor and maintain the PowerSchool system

Teacher Attendance Submission Status - new, easier way to see who has taken attendance

Standards Grades - ability to enter standard based grades into the gradebook

Intel-based Mac Support - PowerSchool will now run on Intel-based Macs

Register at


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Does anyone have a customization they would share for our school nurse which would allow us to enter immunizations, keep track of weight and height, and so on?
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Here is the page that we use at HPS.  For it to work for you you would need to open it in Dreamweaver or another text editor and note the custom fields I used.  You would have to use the same or change them to your own customs fields.

Don't know where to place a file for you to download, send me your email address.

Let me know if you need help.

I have about 5 different screens if you are interested. You can edit or use as is. Email me at and I will send you all of them.

Please send me what you have for student medical information.

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Being a coach, teacher, and PS admin; what I am able to do in a school day is limited. We are beginning our second year of PS and I am looking to delegate some responsibilities within the admin side of PS. Would anyone have some insight, or something they would share with us? My schedule would appreciate it very much!
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I am new to using Graduation Sets for auditing graduation requirements for our students.  Is there a way to pull classes that the students took from historical?

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Has anyone tried to run the Uniq-ID request report yet?   When I try it just circles around to the same page time and time again.  What am I missing!!!  Thank you for ANY advice!

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I just tried it - When I hit submit I get the spinning circle- hit submit again & it worked.  When I tried the process again - I am getting the same thing you are - also I tried logging out and back in - same problem.  Not much help!!

Thank you for your response, it at least makes me feel better that I'm not just losing it!

Did anyone find any answers to this??  I have been having this problem for a couple of weeks trying to get this report to run.

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2009-2010 PowerSchool Sharing Session Dates

Mark your calendar

8/26/09 – (AM) What’s New in PS Premiere (6.0) and (PM) Basic Administration for new users
10/9/09 – (AM) Storing grades and Report Cards and (PM) Advanced topics TBD
12/2009 – Date & Topics TBD
2/8/10 – Scheduling        
3/31/10 –Workday for scheduling & other topics or questions
5/26/10 – EOY

Time:  9:00 AM – 3:30 PM CST

Register at

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I would like more information about the 8/26, class.  Would my Elementary and High School secretary benefit in attend this class?


Ord High School

I would love to come over but the 26th is the first day of school here.  There is no way I can leave.  Next year could you see about scheduling the first session a couple of weeks into the school year.  Thanks for you support Gracie.


We will cover the new features, such as ReportWorks, address verification, PowerTeacher, PT Administrator, etc. I will try to get out an agenda sometime next week.

It is open to anyone, but I believe it would be more beneficial for PS administrators.

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Document ID:57938:  PowerTeacher Gradebook Opens as Text File on Macintosh With FileVault Enabled

I ran into this problem today and it took me awhile to figure out.  I
thought I would post this in case others have the same problem.  This
is what happened.  When the teacher opens Gradebook - a text document
opens with a bunch of stuff you can't read.  I found this article and
it really helped.
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What's the article?

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I have one teacher who can't seem to open her grade book. She can log in just fine, but when she attempts to open the gradebook, it opens to Text edit.

It doesn't seem to make any difference what web browser she uses. I've compared her Java settings to mine and they appear the same. I can log in as her on my computer and it opens just fine.

I'm at a loss. Any ideas???
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Is the user on a Mac?  Mac 10.5.7 moved the Java Web Start file to the System>Library>Core Service.  You need to find it when launching the web grade book.   It use to be in a Jave folder in Utilities.
Just had this issue yesterday.

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I have created a simple report in reportworks, using the limited fields Powerschool has made available, but I was able to get the majority of the information needed in the report. When I go the publish the report, the Application and Category drop down sections are defaulted to No Applications and No Categories. When left at the only selection available, I get an error message stating "Not ready for Publishing        An Application and Category must be selected" Does anyone know how to fill the drop down selections with Select the SIS from the pop-up menu. Also, according the help menu, Categories are created in the SIS application. When new categories are added, this list is updated dynamically and the list is refreshed each time the Publish window is accessed. 

As it is now, I have a report but cannot use it until I can find how to apply an application and a category, so any input will be appreciated.
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To add categories you need to go to system>reportworks administration>report categories.  You can set these up here.  I have done this and my report completed but I couldn't open the report.  I have put in an escalation ticket in on this more than a week ago and have yet to hear anything.  There are similar cases like mine on Powersource.  It sounds like there are some bugs with reportworks that they need to get worked out. 

I have created the categories and have the report published, but when I go into a school and make the selections to have the report run, it stays on pending for hours and hours (over 12 hours to run 1 grade level). It never has completed running the report. Any ideas???

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Does anyone have a custom screen which would include the following data for Mother, Father, Foster Parent, etc?

Last Name, First Name
City, State, Zip
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Employer Cell:

Resides With:     Y or N
Guardian:            Y or N
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Posting on behalf of Joan Ibarra...

Hello.   Our middle school needs to set up a split period for 5th grades, where some days they go to art and some to music.  Has anyone done something similar to this?  Did you share a gradebook, or set up periods to accomodate this?  Thanks... Joan Ibarra
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You would have to set up A/B period days.  We mark our calendar so that even days are A days and odd days are B days.  Classes that need to meet everyday are assigned both A and B days where split classes are either A or B days.  Thats a quick answer.  Someone else maybe able to explain better.

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We have committed, and the students show a schedule in Bell Schedule, but not anywhere else.  We redid our load and commit, and it did not help...any ideas?  We have checked our years and terms, and periods and they match.
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Is there any way to set the language spoken at home to English. It seems to be set to Chinese on mine and I always have to remember to change new students.

Peggy Medema
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Our middle school needs to set up a split period for 5th grades, where
some days they go to art and some to music.  Has anyone done something
similar to this?  Did you share a gradebook, or set up periods to
accomodate this?  Thanks...
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We have A and B days for Choir and Band. You'll need to set up Days, then define the days in your calendar (Monday is A, Tuesday is B, etc.) then create the sections and assign them to A & B.

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