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Sep 2009 (12)

PowerSchool Sharing Session

ESU 10 – Kearney

October 9, 2009

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Presenter: Wayne Wiens




·         AM – Storing Grades and Report Cards

·         PM – Adv Topics


o   Importing/Exporting

o   Modifying Object Reports


If time permits, we can work on NSSRS file submission as well.



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All of a sudden the green dot in attendance isn't showing up. Anybody have any ideas how I might fix it? Is anyone else experiencing this? I hate to call support if it's a quick fix.

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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What version of PS are you running?  Do you have an image server?

I did the most recent download Sunday. It started at the end of the day yesterday. No, I don't have an image server.

Did you check your calendar setup?

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Posted on behalf of Kathy Riese...

I am going to have to put in a new server soon.  I want to go back to a
Macintosh server.  I have the specs from PS and was wanting feedback
from other users as to what they were using as a  macintosh server and
what configurations they have implemented.


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Hello Everyone,

I need help on the Early Childhood Programs Fact in PowerSchool. I enter them under Enrollment-Special Programs there you have a choice to add New.  I have students that were on the program last year and some new kids this year.  Those that were on last year, do I need to exit them from last year and add a new year for this year or do they just stay in?  I do have kids that have moved and are not attending this year so do I have to show an exit date on them?

Thanks for your time.

Rebecca Vanek
Ord Jr./Sr. High School

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I'm scrambling to get a Kindergarten Report Card (object report) done by the end of the quarter. I have all my standards set up, but I'm not sure how to format the data tags correctly. I want the teachers to be able to enter a check mark once for each standard and have it show for the whole year. Do I have to have a check box for every quarter, or can I have one for the year that will print at every quarter?

If I have ^(*std.stored.transavg;M.0.R.1;Y1) will it always pull regardless of which quarter I'm in?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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 I have done this and it is not pretty to get done. I have our RC divided up by quarters. Y1=Q1 on mine. With another line of code for Q2 and so on. Also had to make sure that on your semesters on final grade setup, you have quarters listed in there or the teachers will not see Quarter boxes to check but only semester. Ran into that last year. Also need to make sure that your permissions for who can see the standards for your classes are right too. Don''t add in the attendance code that you use for everyone's Attendance. Then all the teachers will see all the standards for a kids whither he/she is in K or 1st..

Gary Warner

If I'm understanding you right, you'd have something like this:


with it all lined up to print to the same spot?


Each will have to have its own spot to print to.  If you have columns for your grading periods, each standard checkmark will need to be set up to print to the particular column for that grading period.

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Here is a pst file that will export names from PowerSchool for creating your CRS file for MaPs testing.

To use go to Special Functions - Importing / Exporting - Export using a template - Student Schedules - NWEA

Make sure you select the students you want to include or it will use ever student in your entire database.

This export will give you a good base but you will still have to go in a tweak your columns with some data.
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Does anyone know how to pull the State Unique ID for the new NWEA template?  I have tried:

All with no results. 


Works on my template.

Just tried that again and I get nothing.  VERY strange indeed!

Could you possibly send me a copy of your template?  If you'd like you could send it to

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We have set up a course in Power School labeled Elementary Music and then set up different sections for the different grades, such as 1st grade - section 1, 2nd grade - section 2, etc.  However, when the teacher goes in to put the grades in her gradebook all she sees is 7 Elementary Music courses with no course or section number.  Therefore, she has to click and open each course to see which grade it is associated with.  This is just one of several elementary classes set up this way.  I was wondering how other schools set up these courses or if there is way to see the course/section number in Teacher Gradebook.  Thanks.

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ahve the teachers under course info put in a cistom display name like period 2. Then go to preferences, sections and use custom display name. This is what we do.

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I thought that this was covered before but can't see it. How does everyone handle substitute teachers and getting them to login to do attendance and such??


Gary Warner
Adams Central Public Schools
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We have an instruction guide that walks the subs through how to login and take attendance.  This is given to them when they first check into the office.  We use the password scheme that changes with the day.  We have at least one sub everyday and most subs are pretty regular so they know the drill and don't even need the guide anymore.  Our regular subs have their own network login and the subs that are new or just sub from time to time just use the generic sub network login.  Hope that helps.

But how do you assign them classes and such?? It seems that everytime they come in you will have to assign the class to them so they an take attendance.

They login thru the Substitute Portal. It is the same URL as your teachers' PT URL, except /teachers is replaced by /subs. They will have to have a password and this is setup at School > Sub Login Settings. There is an option to also require the subs to type in a date.

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Thanks all for the help in getting a link for teachers and grade. I have 2 teachers out of 80+ that can't seem to get it on there computers. I have checked it out and it is driving me crazy.

We checked all the pref and when we click on Gradebook from powerteacher, we see that the link is downloaded to where ever. It opens and everything is find. We close gradebook and the file disappears to the unknown. Not in trash or anything. So we click on the link again from Powerteacher. After it opens, we copy that .jnlp file somewhere else. Close everything, then try to click on the .jnlp file, we get the login for the gradebook but it will not accept the password/login combo. Says a bad password but it is right. Just these two computers it is happening to. One is 10.4 the other 10.5.8. i have spent an hour looking at all the java, web settings and everything but no joy.

Any help out there?? (Pink Floyd)

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Does anyone know the code to pull a teacher comment from PowerTeacher to enter in the footer of a Report Card?  I found one that could be used to add it to a Class Roster but it doesn't work for me. (reportingterm.teachercomment;Q1).  Any help would be appreciated.
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If you go to Power Source and search for teacher comments you will find an article titled  "How it works: teacher comments"  I believe you may find what you are looking for in that article.  Good Luck!

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We have a teacher who is leaving as he is going to the Middle East for Guards. Another teacher is taking over for him. We need to add her to his class and see his gradebook and be able enter in grades while he is gone.
 On the same lines, have resource teachers who need to be able to see certain students classes and grades for helping out the students.

If someone helps me out on that those, I might have a cookie for ya.. LOL
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We handle resource teachers and students by creating a class called SRS and enrolling all thei case load into that class. Even the ones they do not see and are just monitor only. This way they have access to all the students grades.

As far as teachers leaving, I just change the password for the regular teacher and let the long term sub use the same account. This way the students reamin under the actual teacher. If you do not want to do that, you can just change the teacher on the classes to the long term sub and then when the real teacher gets back, change them back.

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I want to add a standard to a report card for the high school and middle school. Their report card in not an object report rather it is built using reports/reportcards. Is this possible by using DAT's or not? If so, can someone help me out.
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I presented on Standards Based Report Cards at NEPSUG. I posted my information on that website. I don't know if it's still available there or not. If you don't find it, let me know.

There's also a document on PowerSource by Roger Sprik about report cards that has the DAT info.

If you have the standards already set up in PS you could add it to the footer of the report card.  It would look something like:
Understands Concepts: 
Q2- ^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q2)  Q3-^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q3) Q4-^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q4)

Peggy, do you know the name of the article from Roger Sprik. I did look over your stuff from NEPSUG but most was geared for the object report.

I figured I could possibly add to the footer, but I would need to do that for each course.

I am thinking the only way to do this is to create the standard as an assignement and then pull it to the report card report?

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