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Jan 2010 (9)

PowerSchool Sharing Session February 8, 2010

ESU 10 - Kearney

9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


It is time to get started with the scheduling process and this session will focus on scheduling using PowerScheduler.

9:00-11:45  BUILD:  this where PowerScheduler creates the optimal master schedule based upon student requests and course/teacher constraints.

12:45-1:30  Student Request Screens: we will cover how to create student request screens and course groups so students can register online.

1:30-3:30   LOAD: this is where PowerScheduler loads the students' requests into the master schedule

If you are planning to use your current schedule for next year, you will not need the morning BUILD session. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Wayne Wiens


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Hello Everyone,

What are the start dates and end dates we are to use, for student and student enrollment?


Rebecca Vanek
Ord Public Schools
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Since school enrollment uploads only new information, use the day after your last submission and then today's date.  The report will be short and only show in and out since your last submission. 

Remember this one has no headers

Good Luck

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    I have tried to upload my student filr to NDE and keep getting an error that the submission (student) is not available in the current selection.  The only thing it will let me select is National Assessment.  I thought  Students could be uploaded any time.  Don't I have to upload student before student enrollment?  I have to do this by Feb 1 for the NeSA  labels?
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Pearson released the beta version of the Curriculum Report last Tuesday, 1/12, to the beta testing group. This small number of users have until next Tuesday to report their findings to Pearson. So it will be awhile before the report is ready to go.

At this point, it seems the general consensus of what is best for most schools THIS YEAR is to use the file you can download from NDE. This downloaded file will contain the information that was on the report last year, plus it will have added new staff and removed staff that have left. With this file, you will have to massage the data by reflecting any changes in this year's schedule. You will also have to add the minutes taught.

Here is a link to a very good memo on the download curriculum file from NDE:  On-Line Curriculum Reporting Memo.doc    
Here is NDE's site for this report: NDE Curriculum Report

To use the PS Curriculum Report, besides loading the files, there is quite a bit of other work involved. The main task is entering all the state's course ids into PS's alternate course number field. We still want to move forward with this report at this time so we can get the bugs worked out and the state course numbers entered into PS.

Anyone who has more information or a differing view, please add your thoughts!

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Register NOW for the 7th annual NEPSUG 2010 Conference.
When: April 28th
Where: Embassy Suites LaVista
       12520 Westport Parkway
           LaVista, NE 68128

We are day before NETA and at the same site.

Click this link to register now and mark your spot and NEPSUG 2010.

This years topics will include: Gradebook 2.0, ReportWorks, session at each breakout geared toward the secretary, state reporting, custom screens, new health screens and much more.
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Does anyone know how to search or pull the teacher course description? Just can not figure this out.
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Dear Nebraska PowerSchool User,

You have been invited by the Nebraska PowerSchool Users Group (NEPSUG), to provide valuable input to help structure the NEPSUG conference in April 2010

Please take this 7 question survey at your earliest convenience so we can begin developing the schedule for NEPSUG 2010

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 We started standards on our Elem Report cards last year. This year the Q1 was ok. Everything ran great. The teachers used powerteacher to put in the standard grades. This quarter, we showed the teachers how to put in standards via gradebook. We tested this all out in Nov/Dec on one school. Everything was working by the time X-mas came up with just a few very minor issues with comments(fixed by the the patch). Now Report cards are due to be printed. The school that we did the testing on, works. All standard grades are showing up with regular grades. The other schools are not. Their regular grades show up but not standard grades. We have been comparing the schools and can't find anything that is different except the Reporting Segments which I have changed to match the school that works. Nothing still. We are storing the standards via the System/Store Standard Grades. The admin who did it for the school that works, confirmed that we are doing all the step correctly. I have verified that the standards are in via DDA and on gradebooks but have not verified that they have been stored as historical as can't seem to find that.
 Any one have a idea where we can look to get the grades on the Report Card?? Codes are all write and match everything else. We are trying to show a Q2 standard grade on the report card.


Gary Warner
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You do not need to use that function if you are using the gradebook or PowerTeacher for standards. They automatically store withour running store standard grades.

If you go to a student and their quick look up and view standard grades, do you see standard grades for Q2 or just Q1.

Checked the quick lookup, completed standards only show Q2 not Q1.. Q1 was done in powerteacher, Q2 was done in gradebook. Read something that is the way it is suppose to be too. This was on a school that the RC does not work too.

Does your code on the report card object report look something like this for the standards

(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q1)<tabc 6.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q2)<tabc 7.25>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q3)<tabc 7.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q4)

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We have a first grader who will be moving to the second grade tomorrow. I was thinking of going into the transfer info and changing his grade level however, that would make him appear as if her were in the second grade all year. Does anyone know how to do this correctly so I dont jack it up.
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I believe I would transfer the student out at the end of 1st semester, and then transfer in as a second grader on the 1st day of 2nd semester.  I THINK that would keep things straight for State Reports.  Good Luck!

I would transfer out and back in. Use the 200 code, Transfer out - intra-district. I think it would be worth a call to NDE to see how they think you should handle it. Otherwise, when you do the School Enrollment report that's due Feb. 1, you'll get an error message. They are going to have to make that change on their end. I had a similar situation last year. We had a Kindergartener who was unenrolled, but since we were giving Sped services, he still belonged to us. NDE had to make the change before it would correct the error.

Thanks for the help. Darn smart kids

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