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Oct 2010 (7)
I am still struggling to get my DAYS of attendance correct for state reporting and new county referral procedures.  This is what I have run into.

He have a Home Room period that is excluded from attendance at the course and section level.

When I run a quick export using dabs, it includes home room, which can reflect a 1 day difference in absences compared to the ADA/ADM by student report.

Example when I do a quick export for a student it shows 32 days attendance, 43 days membership for 11 days absent.  If I run the ADA/ADM for the same student it shows 33 days attendance, 43 days membership for 10 days absent. 

Now I have 3 questions for you:

1.  Do any of you have a home room and do you count it in attendance?
2.  Based on the info we have from the state do you think home room should be considered in attendance when we are talking days and not periods?
3.  Would anyone know the export code, other than dabs, to represent the days absent that appears on the ADA/ADM report.

Between our board policy, the state and the county I'm about to "lose it" on this attendance stuff!  Thanks for ANY input here.
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Since I am about ready to do this report, I thought I would ask how others are going to do this report. The rules have changed a bit. From what i understand, I need to look at last year and go off the days we had school last year. I was also told last year that the seniors leaving ealry did not count against their instructional time and this year I am being told it does.

I just want to be consistant with how others are doing it....
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Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but I found this in my notes from the NSSRS session at ESU #10 PS Conference in August.

" Seniors need to be excused absence after they graduate for state aid purposes. NSSRS doesn’t matter. "

Another thought. If you put excused absence for seniors after they leave, how will that affect the Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection report?

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Every time I run my Enrollment Report it fails.  All other reports seem to be working just fine.  Support is looking at it, but nothing yet.  I re-installed state reports and am running  Any thoughts?
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Have you tried running for an individual building rather than the whole thing?

No, but I sure will, thanks!

OK, I tried that.  If I select "Current School Only" it fails.  If I select all students in the school it runs, but does not pick up students that transferred out.  Now what am I missing???

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In the numerous conversations about this wonderful excessive abesnce report, I reember someone saying they wiil run the Attendance Detail Report. I do not see that actall title or am I missing something. Anyone point me in the right direction please.
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It is a reporting engine report that I got from, I think, PowerDateSolutions.  It is wonderful to send with attendance letters, give you date, period, reason and comments for attendance.

I found this report and got it loaded....nice!!!  I really like the comments portion of the report but was wondering if the only place you can add a comment is through hand selecting the student and doing an attendance change.  This is the only place where I can find to add a comment...not very convenient.  Is there another way to add a comment?  Thanks!

Hi Lori,

When I enter attendance in the morning or if someone leaves during the day, I use the "Change Meeting Attendance" screen and leave my comments there.  Takes a couple seconds longer, but I think it's worth it when it comes time to notify parents of attendance issues.

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Is there a report we can print for Incident Management?  This could either be for a single student or for all students.
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When there is an incident can we make the charting site for the nurses larger on the Office Visit page?

I was looking into the incident management reports also. There are some templates in ReportWorks that you could probably start with. I'm working on altering one to get what I want.

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I set up Attendance Tracking as per the instructions from PowerSource in the user guide. Make sure that you have all of your attendance codes tied to a category. If you make any changes, go to Special Functions>Attendance Functions>Refresh Premier Attendance (this was the step I missed and why my middle school wasn't working).

I set 10 Semester Tracking Level Triggers at intervals of 2. Edit Unexcused Tracking Level.pdf

Then go to District Office and run the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data. 

I ran mine and then ran ADA/ADM per Student and compared the results. They seem to match up.

Don't get hung up on that "Unexcused" terminology. It just counts absences.
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And this works even if you track attendance by MEETING and not DAILY?

What type of Attendance tracking method did you set up? Also, how does this know to look only at the current month? Example from 10/1/2010 through 10/31/2010 for any student who missed greater than two days in that time frame?

Kris, I have schools that do both, meeting and daily. It's pulling the correct info.

Greg, you must set up Percent for anything else to work, I have that set to 1. I have semester set to 2.

You can't tell if it's the current month, but the report pulls a date so that you can sort.

You don't need to know what they missed only in October, because it's cumulative from the first day of enrollment. October is >4, November >6, etc. See page 5 of the most current instructions: CDC - Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection.

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We have a teacher that whenever she connects to Power Teacher Gradebook it asks if she would like to terminate or quit previous session.  She has previously logged out, has changed her password, and tried logging on to different computers but it asks her every time.  Any ideas?
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