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Apr 2010 (6)
I have some questions reguarding how you handel end of year state reporting. Any insight would be helpful.

After the year has ended and prior to you finishing all the June reporting, do you allow anyone to transfer kids out that are not coming back?

When the seniors are done and graduated, do you go in and change all their coded to graduated prior to submitting the enrollment records to the state?

Do you have the secretarys transfer out all the student they know that are not coming back prior to T/P or do you wait until it is officially verified that they will be attending another school?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Does anyone know if we HAVE to use the new Health screens for any reason.  Are there state reports coming up or anything that will require that we use the new screens?  We have a custom screen that works very well for us and an Immunization report that pulls from it that is GREAT, so I really don't want to switch if I don't have to.  Any input is greatly appreciated!!!  Thank you!
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I put in all of my Alternate Course Codes and thought I'd run the report to see if I missed something or had a wrong code, but it just comes out blank. Anybody have any ideas?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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You also need to edit each section with:
1.  Semester Code
2.  Minutes Per Session
3.  Assignment Grade Level

I haven't figured out an easy way to go about this yet, was waiting until summer to take this on.  I'm hoping someone might figure a way to import this info.

I got my high school and middle school put in and then started on the elementary and decided to give up. We don't run periods at the elementary, some course sections are taught in a contained classroom and in some another setting, class lengths vary per subject, blah, blah, blah. I decided it was way to much hassle for no more teachers/courses than I have to do. There wasn't much to have to change on the state website last year. Mostly is was just the number of minutes (which won't change next year) and the handful of new teachers and assignment changes we had. I think I'll just do it that way.

Thanks for your input Kris.

Probably a GREAT idea!

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Our board voted last night to add Jr. Kindergarten starting next fall.  I
am thinking ahead to how I will add this in PowerSchool.  I would like
to get some feedback on my thinking.  We currently have 3 schools set
up.  High school, elementary and preschool.  NSSRS reports come out
fine.  I am thinking that it would be best to make this Jr. Kindergarten
part of the preschool, mostly because the calendar and length of day
would be more similar and the method of attendance might fit better. (of
course I won't know that for certain until later)  If anyone else has
added or is adding this, how was/is it handled at your school?  Thanks.
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Get registered if you have not done so yet. This year is going to be great. Website and agenda are below. Cant wait to see you there.

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A question was raised after the PowerSchool Sharing session about immunization codes. Do any of you have a list of immunization codes that you would share for those non-nurses in the group who have to enter this into PowerSchool?

If so, would you make a comment below or send to me at and I'll post the list on the Community as a document.
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Here is what Pearson has in their documentation, but don't feel you have to follow this:

We are suggesting the following name/code when setting up the Health Vaccine area at the district level in PowerSchool. Should your state/province have different naming or codes, you would then use the conventions advised by your state or province. Additionally, should you need to split out vaccines such as MMR determine how you plan to code those vaccines.

Name - Code

 Polio - IPV



 HIB Meningitis – HIB

 Hepatitis B – HepB

 Hepatitis A – HepA

 Varicella (Chicken pox) - VCP

 Rotavirus - RV

 Tetanus - Td

 Tuberculosis - TB

 Influenza - INF

 Pneumococcal Conjugate - PCV

 Pneumococcal Polysaccharide - PPV

This is basically what I used when I set mine up, I did set up two separate Varicella codes, one for use that they've had the disease, and one for the vaccine.  This seems to be very user-friendly in editing if you make a mistake in the initial set-up.  (So far, anyway!) 
I've got all of my high-school students entered, but not the other sites...I have  corrected, added, etc. as I went thru the students. 
PS-We didn't have this on computer previously, so there weren't any files to match up or upload.

Tanya:  How did you do this for varicella?  Our nurses want to put in something when they have the disease...we can put in an approximate date (parents usually say age 3 or something like that)...or what?   They want it to show that it was the disease, not the vaccine.   If we put it in the comments, it doesn't show just on the screen.   Any ideas to make it simple? 

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