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Aug 2010 (15)
I need to know the GPA for last year for the High Ability Report. Does anyone know how to do this without hand-figuring?
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In GPA calculations, you can specify the school years the calculation is run on. You could modify an existing GPA calculation, but I would just create a new one with the parameters you need.

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Has anyone tried the new state reports for NSSRS?  I have tried student, staff, enrollment and get the same result for all of them.  It does nothing.  Is there a trick to making them work or do I just need to contact Tech support?  (These are the reports that have that little comma looking thing in the blue box).  I am on 6.1.0 and all the reports say version 1.0
Kathy Rowell
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I'm pretty sure you have to be on the most current version of PS for them to work. Mine work fine.

Do you use an image server. If so:

Update your image server with the new images and the scripts folder.

Yes, also, you need to be on 6.2 i think as well

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Issue 1 is that staff id's and passwords are dissappearing. This is a known issue. There are two fixes according to articleid 61135, The second is in a comment under the article and did work for me. I just choose not to put it in my custom folder as I hope they have a fix soon for this. Causes issue. Just make sure if you see this not to submit the teachers security page or you will blank ou the password. Just refresh the screen

Issue 2: For those that use image servers. If you upgrade to the new state reports, be sure to copy your images and scripts folder to it as well. Otherwise it no "worky"

Issue 3 is the new unique ID report. I have submitted a case and the number is
00746578 - Unique-ID State ID Request File report does not have correct record count and transmission ID error

On the new report for student id's

the last record is supposed to have a record number count that includes
the header and footer in the count. The count that it gives excluded the
header and footer so it is always two off.

Second thing I am unclear on, but the error I get at the state is the following
Upload failed for the following reasons:

The trailer record in the uploaded file is missing a Transmission ID.

The file you attempted to upload has been saved to the database and can
be downloaded using the Extract & Download Batch feature. The batch
number assigned to this file is 86929 Fix The Above Errors And Resubmit
New File
Contact DE for Assistance.

When I look at the header and footer, there is a Trans ID and they are
the same number. I am wondering if the TransID is in the wrong field number or not seperated by a tab.

Attached is the files I uploaded and received the error on.
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Ok, some days i feel stupid, but I have downloaded the new reports and restarted both PS and Tomct. I go to the new state reports and click and nothing happens. Myabe this is a glimps into how this year will go with state reporting. Does anyone have an idea on what step I may have missed. I went through the documentations and can nto figure it out. Maybe need a bigger hammer.
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You are using the new reports with ReportWorks? The old legacy reports wouldn't work if you were using Custom Management and had customization turned on.

Don't know if that's an issue with the ReportWorks, but something you can try.

I am not using custom page managment. I must be missing something. I go to reports, state reports, and click on the student report and nothing happens.

Do i need to do something different?

I tested the state reports in a school; and when I click on one, a popup window appears to fill in parameters (dates, school, etc.) I think I read somewhere that whenever you change your ReportWorks Preferences, you need to restart Tomcat (which you have already done.)

I copied this from PowerSource Nebraska State Reporting Tech Notes - Monday, August 2, 2010 which you have probably read, too. I would probably create a ticket in PowerSource or call them.

"What version of PowerSchool is required? To make use of this new State Reporting Platform, Nebraska districts will need to move to PowerSchool version 6.2.1 by August 15, 2010.

The updated Nebraska state reports that run on the new State Reporting Platform are targeted for release in the August 13, 2010 state reporting release.

LDAP Users Please Note: Due to an issue found with LDAP and State Reporting Platform, the minimum PowerSchool version required for LDAP users will be PowerSchool is targeted for release the first week of August. Nebraska LDAP users will need to move to PowerSchool version no later than August 15, 2010, to ensure functionality with State Reporting Platform.

Is any additional setup required?
The new State Reporting Platform reports are integrated with the ReportWorks component in PowerSchool.

•If you have already configured ReportWorks Preferences, no additional setup is required.
•If you have not configured ReportWorks Preferences, please refer to the "ReportWorks Preferences" section of the ReportWorks Setup Guide. This section will provide steps for configuring the scheduler node for the report queue. As a reminder, please restart Tomcat nodes in your environment after configuring ReportWorks Preferences."

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Dis anyone see this

Mac-based districts could face SIS quandary
Pearson PowerSchool's Mac database support will stop at year's endBy Laura Devaney, Managing EditorBusiness News, School Administration, Technologies, Top News
Aug 19th, 2010

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Pearson PowerSchool will cease to be compatible with Mac-only database servers at the end of 2010.
Education industry giant Pearson says its PowerSchool student
information system (SIS) software will cease to support Macintosh
database servers by Dec. 31, forcing Mac-using districts to make some
tough decisions.
The announcement came as a surprise to many people, especially because PowerSchool
was an Apple product before Pearson bought it from Apple in 2006. Apple
earlier had acquired PowerSchool, a leading SIS product for Mac-based
schools, from its eponymous owner in 2001.
PowerSchool runs on an Oracle database.
While Oracle issued a Windows update some time ago, Mac users are still
waiting on the Oracle 11g update that would let them run PowerSchool.
“To maintain our commitment to providing great software, we need to
upgrade to an Oracle version that does not support Mac servers,” Pearson
said in a letter to PowerSchool customers that outlined the issue and
gave schools several options.
“New customers, and existing customers who want to upgrade their
hardware, would find new Apple servers are incompatible with the current
Oracle database. Oracle has not provided a date by which the current
version of the Oracle Mac Database will be certified on Mac OS X 10.6,”
the letter said.
Pearson said it has “limited options” for school districts operating on Mac servers.
The letter advised that “all Mac customers should make plans to
replace their Mac database servers with a Windows-based database server
(physical or virtual). Pearson will discontinue support for the Mac
database server effective December 31, 2010.”
Pearson said it will evaluate Mac support options if Oracle issues a Mac-compatible 11g version.
Customers using a Mac database server are eligible for six months of
free hosting if they choose to move to a cloud-based implementation of
PowerSchool, eliminating the need for a new server purchase. Pearson
would be responsible for all software upgrades, backup, and restoration
in its hosting environment. That offer expires on Dec. 15.
It would be difficult for Pearson to add a new Mac-compatible
database to PowerSchool, the company said, because alternative database
options for the Mac OS are limited and do not offer Oracle’s
performance. Also, offering an additional database would mean
large-scale new and duplicate development work, and the additional
testing required to ensure proper functionality would “be better used to
ensure the highest possible quality of core features and not just
validate database-to-database equivalency.”
Some customers might opt to run a Windows emulator on their Mac
servers—and virtualization is a viable choice, Pearson said, especially
for smaller school systems.
Richard Bowler, director of technology for the Hardin School District in Montana, said his district opted to install Parallels Server for Mac 4,
a virtualization technology optimized for Apple server hardware, which
installs directly onto existing hardware and its host operating system
and consolidates Windows Server applications on Apple hardware.
Bowler and his staff soon will move their district’s PowerSchool
database from its existing server to the virtualized environment.

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We chose to have Pearson host our server instead of replacing our Mac server.  Pearson just migrated our server over last Monday.

If we had chosen to purchase a PC server, it would have been our 3rd server in 6 years.  With Pearson continually changing hardware requirements, we figured we would save money in the long run by having Pearson host our server.

Jen Dubas
Math Teacher
PowerSchool Coordinator
Fullerton Public Schools
606 4th Street
Fullerton, NE 68638

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Somehow, someway after I upgraded, when a secretary goes into a student and clicks the auto assign id's and passwords for this student, it is assining the password as 5 letters and the id as 5 numbers.

Prior to the upgrade, the password was numbers and the id was letters.

I know there is a setting that I can set so that this will alway default to the correct letters or numbers, but I have looked everywhere and can not find it. Anybody know where this is.
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I just saw this the other day.  When you do a group  password assign, you get a box that asks several questions about how you want them set up, including whether it is letters or numbers and the length of the string.

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In August at the PowerSchool Users Conference in Kearney, several people were asking questions about the Student Attendance Summary having errors of students being over the # of days in session. I copied the following information from p. 68 of the Nebraska State Reporting Setup Guide published on August 16, 2010.

The table didn't copy very good, but the first column is Periods Absent and the second column is Days Attendance Value.

Attendance Conversion Example
To minimize possible rounding error in the Student Summary Attendance extract, it is recommended that you set up Attendance Conversions at your district with one decimal place only. NDE does not accept two decimal places on the DaysPresent, DaysAbsent, or DaysTruant fields on the extract. Use attendance conversions set to 0.1, 0.2, or 0.5 increments as detailed in the example below.
Periods Absent   Days Attendance Value
0    1
1   0.9
2   0.8
3   0.7
4   0.5
5   0.3
6   0.2
7   0.1
8    0
Do not use Attendance Conversions set to 0.25 or 0.125 as that will result in rounding errors. See the example below.
Example: If a student misses 2 of 8 periods in the day, the attendance value will be 0.25 absent and 0.75 present. These numbers are rounded up to one decimal place on the Student Summary Attendance extract resulting in 0.3 and 0.8. This totals 1.1 which is greater than the possible value of 1 for the day.
Example: A student has 161.8 days attended and 12.3 days absent. This totals to 174.1 which is greater than the amount of school days in the calendar (174). This causes the student record to error at the state.
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Here is the question on this. if I enroll a student who is FTE of .3 and I enter .3 in this field, what do I pull down for the old FTE . I can not enroll a student without choosing an FTE.

Also, I have a ton of students who were labled as FTE LESS THAN 1. And now they all have 1 in the Membership Share box. So when the reports get pulled, will these students be FTE of 1 or will they be FTE of .1 like they have always been.

WOW.......State reporting is going to be the death of me this year.
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I know there has been a lot of discussion on schedules.  We have rolled over to the new year and I was going to put in the new students schedules and update some of our students schedules that brought them in last minute (ha surely not our students).  Powerschool is not letting me enroll students in classes.  It is giving me an error message (Unable to create section enrollment record in database).  When I look at my courses the sections are showing up but the enrollment in saying 0.  Those students that had schedules when we rolled over are showing up that they are enrolled on their quicklook ups.  Also when I try to run teachers schedules with number of students in their classes the schedules are there but it is saying 0 enrolled.  I'm sure this is an easy step that I forgot somewhere along the line but if someone could help me out with this I would appreciate it.  Thanks!
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#1 thing is to make sure your calendar is setup correctly.

Then to get the teacher schedules' class count (size) to not show zeroes try running the following special operations from System > Special Operations. 1) RebuildSchedules and Rosters 2) Reset Class Counts.

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Not sure what is going on here and Powersource articles weren't much help.  When my parents create their account for single parent sign-on and they try to login they are routed back to the login page.  There is no error message that appears, it just simple re-routes them back to the login page.  Any suggestions would be great as always.  Thank you.
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It should take them back to the public login screen. They will now enter the user name and password they just created for access to their new single log on account.

I tried this with my own children.  It just continues to bring me back to the login in page.  I did find an article in Powersource about an external web server address.  What are they referring to?  Do I need to apply an address to this area?

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Here's an export template that I got from somewhere on the internet. I wish I could remember where so that I could give proper credit where it is due.

*****I attached it as a .txt file because I can't attach a .pst file. YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE THE EXTENSION!!!

The Ethnicity column pulls from the legacy ethnicity field, not the new race/ethnicity fields. When I talked to someone at NWEA about it, they said that unless you wanted reports with ethnicity, it didn't matter.

Peggy Medema
District Data Specialist
Valentine Community Schools
Valentine, NE 69201

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Does anyone have a letter or a form they would like to share?  I need to notify parents and staff and need a form they can fill out and give to me.  Just thought if there was already one created, I would not have to go to the effort to do it again.
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Kathy, I  have two forms we are looking at ... I think we are going with the shorter letter...

I have it on if you send me your email, I'll send it...or is there a way to put reports on this site?

Joan - you'll have to create an original post.  Click on the Publishing link to the right. Then Add an Article. Type something in the window.  When you want to insert the link to the document, look in the toolbar at the top of the editor's window and click on the icon that looks like a document with a paperclip on it. Select  the Upload button at the top, then the Select button.  Navigate to your document and click Open. Then Upload at the bottom.  It will now appear in the list of docuements.  Make sure it's selected and then click Insert.  A link to it will now appear in the text.

Click Save as Draft. If it looks like what you want, click on teh pencil above your post.  Scroll to the bottom and click on Take out of Draft Mode.  Scroll down again and choose an appropriate TAG or enter one of your own. Then scroll down and click Save Article. 

It will now appear on the PowerSchool Community.

I would also like to have a copy of it for Franklin.  Thanks for sharing!

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Joan - my email is

Kathy Rowell
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Joan-my email is


Diana Hammer

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These are samples of  what we are looking at using.  

The system won't let me add .pst files.  So if you want either of these for upload to PowerSchool, email me and I will send the report to you.   We are still tweaking them, but it can get you started...


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Is anyone using online payments in conjunction with PowerLunch?   I was just told that our District would like to utilize this...any help would be appreciated!
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I've created a request on PowerSchool Community Support for Lunch enhancements.  Please login and vote for this enhancement.   Thank you.  Just login to PS Support, Community and click on community forums.  Search for PowerLunch Ala Carte

Title:  PowerLunch Ala Carte

Thank you for helping.

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