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Sep 2010 (11)
I am trying to import student photos and all Powerschool is doing is cycling.  The photo never loads.  I am running 6.2.1.  Is/Has anyone had issues with uploading student photos.
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No problems this year.  In fact even better.  I learned you can just put the lifetouch disk into your PS server and import straight from the disk.  You don't have to export them from the disk.  This is handy and makes the job much faster.

I am having problems importing only one picture at a time, sometimes the picture will take and other times it doesn't change...any suggestions...thanks.

I'm having the same problem with the staff photos. The first time I submit the photo, it fails. Second attempt works. We're hosted by Pearson. The photo import manager appears to be working fine; it's just the individual upload.

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Any of you use Reading Mastery?  If so, do you incorporate it into PowerSchool?  I have some questions for anyone who does....
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Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the ethnicity field not pulling data from PowerSchool?  My ethnicity fields are populated but when I look at the student report, some student ethnicity fields are left blank ( random).  I have gone into PowerSchool and made sure the fields were populated so I am confused as to why it is doing this. Also I have 1 white student whose Race 2 is pulling black and Race 3 is white.  She only has one check box marked (WH).  Any thoughts?
Lori Peters
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Yes, I am and have opened a case with support.  Everyone seeing this problem needs to open a case so we can get this escalated.

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My School Enrollment report fails every time I try to run it.  I have run all other fall reports and all seems well except for School Enrollment.  Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
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My school enrollment was not pulling the 101 and 102 codes and mine failed.  It must br a powerschool issue - i changed them on s spreadsheet and it went through

What do you mean, you changed them on a spreadsheet?

Import into Excel and make the changes.  Upload that document after you have made the necessary changes.  I just entered the 101 and 102 codes and uploaded that.  Be sure the info in PowerSchool is correct. 

How to open a .csv file in Excel   Open a new file in Excel.   Data > Get External Data  (choose the file)   Import Text File   First box will have “delimited” as default so just click next   Next box you want to mark it is csv file and lined will appear separating the data   Hold down the :Shift” key and highlight all the columns.   Mark all as “text” – that will save the formatting you have selected   Click “next”   Select where you want the information to appear – the default is wherever you have your cursor at the time   Click “Finish”   The data should be in your Excel spreadsheet,   You can manipulate now wherever.   When finished – do a Save As and Put in a name you will remember.    

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Every year this is a struggle.   Our high school needs a list of all students for the previous semester who earned less than 20 credits for that semester.    I can get it but it's a lot of work.  Any ideas to make this simpler?
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Ok, this is what I just did...I did the 10th grade a quick export like this:


Then 11th:

 Then 12th:

that seemed to work... 

any other ideas?

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So, i just found out today(funny how the guys who needs to know what is going on is usually the last to find out) that we are going to use Review360 for discipline in the elementary. One part of the export they need is

Is hispanic/Latino: can use the fedthnicity code for this

How can I get the following to show up as a seperate column. I know I can go the students race table, but adding Racecd to an export gives me nothing.Anyone have an idea

American Indian or Alaskan Native


Black or African American

Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander


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You have so many students compared to the small schools I work with so I don't know if this is feasible or not.

Are you familiar with the =LOOKUP formula in Excel?

You can export StudentID and RaceCD from the Student Races Table. When I tested this, I exported Student_Number, lastfirst, and id from the student table. I then copied the 2nd export to the 1st export file. I copied and arranged the info to look like this:

Column A: StudentID  B: RaceCD   C: formula for name   D: formula for student number   E,F (blank) G: lastfirst   H; id   I (blank) J: student_number   K: id

In Column C, Line 2 - I used the formula to get their name =LOOKUP(A2:A357,$H$2:$H$357,$G$2:$G$357)

In Column D, Line 2 - I used this formula to get their student number =LOOKUP(A2:A357,$K$2:$K$357,$J$2:$J$357)

That matches your student names & numbers to your StudentID and Race CD. Students who have more than one race checked will have more than one line.

You can then copy and paste Columns A-D into your file with the fedethnicity info. When you paste you will need to use the popup menu of the Past Options "clipboard" and select Values Only. You will need to sort what you pasted  by same field your fedethnicity file is sorted. Then you can add/delete as needed. I don't know what format you need the file for the Review360. Is there only one field for Race?

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

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I want a quick way to search for the number fo students who were absent greater

than 10 days for last school year. Any help would be appreciated. I think the

way I am going about this is not a very efficient way.
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Not sure it it is the MOST efficient way, but I export using ^(*dabs) to excel, then filter down to 10. 

Kris, can you tell me what kind of export you set up for this?   I am thinking this would be the easiest way for our new District attendance Monitor to track attendace.   I can't believe there is not a simple report and search for days greater than5 and 10.

A few options:
- run the ADA/ADM by Student while including Absences, then look through the report or paste into Excel and sort.
- Special Functions > Search by Grades/Attendance and search All Absent Codes >= 40 Periods (assuming 8 periods/day). This will allow you to create a Current Student Selection.
- If you have Custom Reports Bundle loaded, there is a similar report called Attendance Count by Student, Year & Code. You can sort by Days.

Special Functions > Search by grades/attendance

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Just came from a meeting with the NSSRS people and they have changed 2 field on the SPED Snapshot. 

1.  They have eliminated the Verified Disability Flag and replaced it with the Alternate Assessment Flag.  I see when I run the report that there IS a column for the Alternate Assessment Flag, however mine is blank since I have no idea where to enter information for that field.  Anyone out there know?

2.  They have added 4 new codes to the Primary Setting Code field.  However, I do not see them in the drop down for the Primary Setting Code.  Any ideas here on if PowerSchool is going to add them before this report is due or not.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!
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I think these are included in the last Nebraska state reporting update. I have not installed it yet so I have not verified. I was told these changes will be released on September 13th with the new update.

OH!!!  Where did you see there will be a release on Sept. 13.  Was it in tech notes or something and I just missed it! 

I will check though and hopefully that will solve my dillema!

Go to Powersource/Support/Downloads/Powerschool/State reporting installers/Nebraska/nebraska state reporting 2010-04

This is the new update. It was released ont he 10th.

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How has everyone been importing this information into Powerschool?  The Fed. Ethnicity field is easy to find, but I am having trouble finding the field for Fed. Race.  Thank you for everyones help.
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I haven't done it yet, but this is what I think you would need to do.

These are the fields that are created in the Student Races when you do one by hand:


I would export ID and StudentID and lastfirst from the student table. In your Excel spreadsheet, you would need to add the RaceCd, WhoCreated, and WhoModified titles.

If a student has more than one race, you will need a line for each race. Enter the information for all of the students.

Before you import into the Student Races table, remove the lastfirst column from your file.

Hope that works. I would test it with 1-5 students before doing all of them.

When I view the student fields list, I don't see the RaceCd as one of the choices.  I have this entered for some students, but it still isn't showing.  I am just at a loss for what to do with this without going and changing everyone by hand one at a time.  The thought of that just really makes me excited for the new year of NSSRS and CDC reporting.

I tried to submit my Student but had errors because PowerSchool does not have fields created for the Hispanic/Latino column or the Race/Ethnicity columns.  Anyone else having this problem?

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PowerSchool Meeting
Friday, September 17, 2010
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST
ESU 10 - Kearney, NE

Presenter: Wayne Wiens, ESU 9 (Hastings)

Topic: ReportWorks

Come and learn PowerSchool's new report creation tool. We will start with the basics and move to more advanced features. Bring copies of reports you would like to create in ReportWorks as there will be time to work on your own reports.


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Is there a new report with the New State Reports for the new Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection?  AND are the New State Reports working now.  Should I update to them or wait until the "kinks" are worked out?

Thanks for any insight!!!
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No, there is no report for this yet. We talked about this during our last state reporting meeting. Going to be interesting how to get the info.

Yes, the state reports are working for the most part. I have not run them all yet so I wont be able to verify until I do.

My reports seem to be working now.

The absenteeism is sent through CDC - there may not be a report to pull information.  I suppose that will be done through attendance count and then just reported through CDC

But what do I know.....

Thank you so much for the responses.  I think with this and the other info I have gathered in the past couple days this is what I plan to do.

1.  Export student number, name and ^(*dabs;8/19/10;9/30/10)
2.  Filter for greater than 2.
3.  Print the Attendance Detail Report for those students, since they seem to need a reason for the absence.
4.  Go to the CDC and see what they really want.
5.  Repeat monthly until the NDE decides they really didn't want this info anyway.  (That was a joke......kinda !?!)

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