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Jan 2011 (4)

PowerSchool Sharing Session
February 3, 2011
ESU 10 - Kearney
Conference Rms E & F (south wing)
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. CST

Register at

Presenter: Wayne Wiens, ESU 9, 

Topic:  PowerScheduler

It is time to get started with the scheduling process! This session will focus on scheduling using PowerScheduler. You can use PowerScheduler to capture students' course requests on-line, enroll (Load) the students into courses and even have it create the master schedule (Build). Bring your schedule changes for next year and get a good start on the scheduling process.


    - we will setup PowerScheduler for next year


    - we will cover how to create course groups and student request screens so students can register online.


    - this where PowerScheduler creates the optimal master schedule based upon student requests and course/teacher constraints.


    -we will cover PowerScheduler's ability to load the students' requests into the master schedule

If you have questions about content, contact Wayne at

Questions about registrations can be directed to Connie at

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I'm trying to help my Kindergarten teacher switch her grading to powerschool.  Does anyone have a Kindergarten report card template they are willing to share that I can show her.  Thanks!
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LuAnn, I can send you one if you are interested. Email me at

I have one, as well, LuAnn. My K teachers don't really give "grades" though. It's just a checklist of skills. I'd be happy to share, but it takes quite a bit of setup for the standards. Email me at

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We are needing some input on reporting the Student Grades for S1 and S2 for the State.  Our grade scale is by percents, no letters.  The report only pulls a zero for us and powerschool technical support says that is what it is designed to do.  Wondering if anyone has a great idea on how to pull our percents and change them into letters. We do not want to change our grade scale if possible.
Shelley Lammers
Sutherland Public Schools
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Just wondering if you have had any feedback on this??

If you go to District > District > Grade Scales > Edit Grade Scales you can set up your percents to reflect a letter grade.  This should not affect your grading if you have chosen to show only % grades.  You will need to discus with your administration what % constitutes an "A" and so on.

Thank you Kathy, I really appreciate the advice.

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I have an 8th grader who has been taking a Geometry class all year at the high school and I just found out.   I know I can go in and manually put in an historical grade but is there a way to let him enroll so that the teacher can actually take attendance and give him an ongoing grade? He will also need to be given the high school credits.

In another scenario I have an 8th grade class of students who are to all also receive high school credit for their Algebra I course.  I have researched this a lot as well.   I know I can go in and change the grade level to grade 9 (grades have been stored), but then it doesn't show up on the 8th grade report card.   I really would like this to store now so that I don't have to remember next fall.  Is there a way to do this as well without having to do it later?

Thanks for your input.
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