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Oct 2011 (6)
I tried to clean up some overlapping enrollments for a student the other day and it wiped out everything!!! All her enrollments, assignments, attendance! PS Support said that this is a known issue and directed me to Article 64217. It is supposed to be corrected in the December update.
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I have seen this too, but when I called tech support on Oct. 24, they did not reference article 64217 and they would not escalate the case! I called twice and even talked to a supervisor. I was sure the loss of student data wasn't user error and was caused by a PS function, but I let Tech Support's lack of interest stray me into thinking this was an isolated instance and therefor I didn't post a warning. Thanks for the warning Peggy and sorry I didn't put one out earlier.

When I found about the deleted records, three days had passed, so we didn't want to do a flashback. We went to a test server and rolled it back to before the function was run. This allowed us to get the two students' data, which was manually reentered.

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Has anyone tried to use powerschool to get test score information out to parents?  Our RtI team would like to put Aims Web, Achievement tests, etc. on powerschool for parents to access.  Just looking for ideas and suggestions from anyone who has tried this.  Thanks! 
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I created an Object Report to send out ITBS scores to parents.  You first must import or enter the test scores into powerschool and then you can create reports to send to parents.

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Is anyone else having issues with the portal?  I have tried all weekend and this morning to upload my student file and it just sits there.  It shows that they have received the file but it won't change to a green check (or a red X) so I can't put it in a batch.  I have put a ticket in with the help desk but am getting the feeling they are off for Columbus day.  Just checking if it's me or if anyone else is experiencing this.....maybe you guys are all done state reporting :-)
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Yes, same problem was occuring but after lunch I tried it and it is now working.---try again :-)

Thanks...I'll give it a whirl!

They are off so they thought the portal should be off.

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I was curious if anyone could help me with one or both of these questions. I am setting up attendance from scratch and need some assistance. Can I:

1. Set up attendance so that in the elementary if a parent calls in a student sick, I put and Absent code in and if a student comes in late, I put the time in they came. Then ada would add up the minutes absent and convert to days missed.

2. Is it possible to have a tardy code count in ADA/ADM? Currently, out attendance method is set to Period to Day attendance and I can not get Tardies to calculate correctly as being an absent code when we use period to day attendance.

Not sure if I have made sense, but I sure could use a little help on this. Thanks
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With Period to Day, some elementary schools I work with use 1/4 of a day periods or 1/2 day periods. A tardy is counted as present. Each school has a time determined when it is no longer a tardy, but an absence.

Does that make sense? The 1/4 day periods is probably a little more accurate.

Conversion for 1/2 period days:
Absent 0 per - 1
Absent 1 per - .5
Absent 2 per - 0

Conversion for 1/4 period days:
Absent 0 per - 1
Absent 1 per - .8
Absent 2 per - .5
Absent 3 per - .2
Absent 4 per - 0

One school I work with uses Code to Day in the Elementary.

There codes and conversions are:
Present - 1
Tardy - 1
Absent - 0
Absent Excused - 0
Absent Unexcused - 0
Medical - 0
School Activity - 1
Testing, visits, etc. - 1
Left Early - .1 (they must want to keep track of this, other wise you could use 7/8)
In School Suspension - 1
Out of School Suspension - 0
1 eighth - .9
2 eights - .8
3 eights - .7
4 eights - .5
5 eights - .3
6 eights - .2
7 eights - .1

You may want to revise it as I'm not sure how they keep track of Medical appts where they are only gone for an hour or 2. Maybe on paper; it's a small school. Plus you may use codes they don't & vice versa.

When you run the ADA/ADM by Student report, it calculates it by day. The ADA/ADM by Minutes is by total minutes not minutes per student.

Not sure what to tell you on the Tardy. It seems that this school counts them present all day if they are tardy a little bit. If they miss 1/8 of the day, they assign the 1/8 absence, not a tardy.

Hope this gives you a guideline to help you.

This does. Now I need to see if I want to change the way we do attendance now that we are a quarter in. May mess things up. Was thinking of going from Period to day to Code to Day. One more question. I noticed that the Tardy Code had a 1 by it as well. Is this just so you can search points from the main student screen. If so, how are you searching these....Do you use Attendance_Points>2 for example

I would probably wait until next year if you change. Otherwise, call PS & see what they suggest. In a small school you could print a report of all the absences, change the method and reenter, but I think you are in a big school which would make it a lot of work.

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I was just informed that we have students at a non public facility that we provide Title I services for.  I am hoping for a little guidance on how to enter them correctly into PowerSchool.  I think I have the FTE etc down OK, wondering about "Membership Share".  Would that be Zero since they do not actually attend our building ever?  Also, should these students be included in all reports except Summary Attendance?

If there is anything else I haven't thought of that anyone would like to share I would GREATLY appreciate it!  Thank you!
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I have always placed them as 1 membership shared and you will have to enclude them in your attendance summary.

If something has changed someone let me know.

What about the Student Grades report?

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I can't get the Student report to pull the kids who transferred out over the summer no matter what dates I put in. What am I missing? Do I need to go in and change the transfer date to a date after school started?

I am running Student report version 1.2.
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I always cushion my calendar a week before school actually starts and exit my summer transfers one day after the start of the calendar.  I use the calendar to mark days in session but then my summer transfers show up for the student report and the school enrollment report.  They don't show up in June for the student summary attendance (which is what I want).  I don't know if this is the right way but it's been working for us.  

Peggy, with the students who transferred out over the summer, I change the entry date to 07/30/2011 and the exit date to 07/31/2011. When I run the Student Report and the School Enrollment for the October 17 submission (which is the initial submission for the 11-12 school year) I use 07/30/2011 for the start date and the end date would be the date you are running the report. That way all of the transfer out students are reported. Then any other submission for the remainder of the school year I use 08/01/2011 as the start date. As advised by our tech support through ESU5 we use 08/01/2011 as an enrollment date and 06/01/2012 as an exit date. That way we have some play in our school calendar. I hope this helps you with your exports.

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