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Feb 2011 (4)
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April 27th
Embassy Suites LaVista
12520 Westport Parkway
LaVista, NE 68128

This year, we will have sessions covering the following:
PowerSchool 7.0
Best sources of information to problem solve
Show and tell
Standard based grading
Health screens
Incident management
Standards and the gradebook
Searching for admin and counselors
and much more........

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I am looking for a report that would allow the Teacher to go into PowerTeacher and print attendance for their whole class. I do have the customization from powerdata solutions that allows them to view attendance, but it would be nice to have a report they could print as well for one or the whole class. Anyone have such a thing.
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I'm considering entering our school's curriculum into PS as standards so that teachers can attach assignments to them and then we can track the curriculum. Is anyone else doing this?

Peggy Medema
District Data Specialist
Valentine Community Schools
402-376-3367 ext. 226
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I have a High School teacher using PT Gradebook asking this question :

(our iChat script:) I want cumulative points to get an A
You have to have accumulated 900 points
a kid could get 25 points one week
and get 175 the next week...
It wants to average everything into a percentage

How do you set this up in the gradebook?
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