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Mar 2011 (4)
Don't forget to get registered for NEPSUG 2011 soon if you have not already. The date is fast approaching. Click the link below to get yourself registered. Also, the tentative agenda is attached as well.

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Make sure you get registered for the NEPSUG 2011. Deadline is fast approaching.

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PowerSchool Scheduler Workdays at ESU 9 and ESU 10


Friday March 25 at ESU 9 - Click here to register:

Wednesday March 30 at ESU 10 - Click here to register:


Feel free to register for both days. If you have any questions, send Wayne Wiens an email or give him a call.



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It appears to me that the Student Grades report that is due June 30th pulls information from the "Stored Grades" table.  That is fine for my 3-12 grades, however, my K-2 teachers are still using PowerGrade since they have standards based report cards.  Any simple ideas on how I should pull information for completed courses for these students? 
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At this time Pearson and the beta team are still working on the Student Grades report.

From what I understand, we do not have to send elementary grades.  Check with your NDE Rep - Matt, Russ or Rachael. 

Elementary kids have to be listed in the report but no grades are submitted.  I have pasted below the comments from the latest NSSRS documentation:

What course grade should be reported for elementary students?
Elementary students are reported with a course grade code of “0” (Not Applicable). NDE determined that grades would only be collected for courses in grades 9-12.

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Hello Everyone,

I need help running a report through the Nebraska Department of Education portal site for the staff curriculum report, that has been submitted.  If someone has time to walk me through it I would appreciate it. 


Rebecca Vanek
Ord High School
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I can give it a try - what do you need?


Thanks for asking.   Russ Masco called and walked me thru it. When I was in the portal site,  I did not realize that it had a pop up blocker when I was trying to print.  But we got it.

Thanks Again,


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