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Jun 2011 (8)
We are going to full day Kindergarten this year. However, my rural school kids will only go M-W-F until the end of the first quarter.

I can't decide whether to put them on a track and uncheck the days they aren't scheduled to be in class, or to set up an A/B schedule and set the calendar days that way.

Do you think it makes any difference? Any input would be appreciated.

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I ran the most recent update from powersource for state reporting so my report would incude grade level, but it still shows 1.0. I thought is was supposed to be 1.1
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I am showing version 1.1 as of 06/14/2011.

I installed the latest and it is still showing 1.0. Is there something I missed. I updated resources and still the same thing. The download from PowerSource is 2011_06

Is this the one you downloaded.

Try restarting the server.

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PowerSchool Days session topics survey....

We’re planning a PowerSchool Days Conference to be held on July 26-27 at ESU 10 in Kearney.  We need your help in the planning stages, so if you would, please go to the following
site and complete the survey regarding the session topics.

BTW – we’re not taking registrations just yet, so stayed tuned for more info about when it will open up.

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I am trying to build a Registration form in ReportWorks that takes all of the current information we have on a student (ie name, address, ethnicity, etc) so that parents only have to change the data that has changed. I am setting it up as a form letter, and using Student: Basic as my Data Set, but it won't let me pull from the student information (ie students.mailing_zip). I think I need a Data Set that has Student: Basic + Students, but don't know how to set up more Data Sets.

Can someone point me in the correct direction. Keep in mind that I know enough about ReportWorks to be dangerous.

Valentine Middle School
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Our school stores grades at all quarters and both semesters.  In grades 9-12 we only have semester classes but the Jr. High have quarter classes.  My problem is that when I pull the student grades report, it is pulling an entry for high school student for each quarter and semester so I have an entry for all the quarters and both semester.....way too much information.  I have to ask the report to pull by quarters and semesters so that I get the courses completed for Jr. High students but then it pulls all of these duplicate records for my high school students.  Any suggestions? 
Thanks in advance,
Lori Peters
Logan View Public Schools
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If you have separate schools set up in PowerSchool for 9-12 and 7-8 (i.e.  Logan View High School and Logan View Junior High School), you can select just one school at a time for the data extract.  After selecting the school you want, select the Reporting Periods you want (just S1 and S2 for high school, for example); CTRL-click (PC) or Command-click (Mac) will let you select multipe Reporting Periods.

Of course, this will give you two .csv files to work with that will need to be combined before final submission.

Unfortunately, my Jr and Sr. High are set up in one school.  I will try selecting a group of students and running the term needed for that group.  Thank you for answering my next question which was do I have to combine the data before I send it up or can send up separate submissions. 

The Stored Grade Term selection on the Student Grades report page only relates to students in grades 9-12. The reason for this is grades are only reported 9-12, so records are pulled from two different tables. For 9-12, the records are pulled from Store Grades table (hence the selection of store codes), and for K-8 the records are pulled from the CC table. The terms for K-8 records will be automatically selected from the term length of the course. 

Lori if you only select S1 & S2, you should get only the S1 & S2 records for the 9-12 students and you will still get the quarter classes for your JH students.

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Is anyone else getting results for students who have been put into classes in Scheduler? Mine are coming out without a stored grade code, so it's easy enough to sort and delete them, but I wonder if I'm doing something wrong.

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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    Is anyone else seeing that the Days Enrolled column is blank. Either that or it should not be in the extract. I knoe it was blank last year. I upladed my template and I had a validation error. Not sure what it is as none of the records are in red so my assumotion is that it is the days enrolled column.

Let me know if anyone is having the same issue. The report version is 1.0
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I think this happened last year, too, and it was showing 2000-2001, but I don't remember how or if it needs to be fixed. Can someone help me out here??


I love June :~P
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It warms my heart to know that someone else other than me is muddling through scheduling during the month of June. 

Here is what I am thinking is going on.  I think you are saying that your scheduling year is set to 2001-2002 at the top of the screen when in PowerScheduler.  If so, that is an easy fix.  Simply choose PowerScheduler, then Functions, then set scheduling year...then choose the 2011-2012 year or whatever you named your year while creating your scenario.

Hope this helps.


The first time I did that, 2011-2012 was listed, but now it's not. The list now looks like this:


I have a faint memory of it doing this last year, too. I just can't remember if it was a problem or not.

That happened to me a couple of weeks ago and somehow my current senario dates were changed to 2001-02 so I just edited the senario back to 2011-12 and then it came up under set the schedule year.

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