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Jul 2011 (5)
Hello there everyone!  I vaguely remember having this problem last year and don't remember the workaround.  When I am looking at our Master Schedule on the live side, it does not show the number of students enrolled in each section.  It say 0/30...but if you click on the 0 then it shows you the students enrolled.  How can I fix this so that I can quickly see how many are enrolled in each section when looking at the master schedule. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dustin Favinger

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Be sure your calendar is setup for 2011-2012. Then in System > Special Operations, run the Reset Class Counts.

I am having the same problem this year.  However, our secretary set up the calendar and we reset the class counts and it looked ok.  Then I got on about a week later and the counts were gone again.  I checked that the calendar was ok and reset the class counts again and nothing happened. Any suggestions???

Like Sharon said you must have your Calendar Setup done then run Reset Section Meetings first Param 1 is 2017 and the code is resetsm

I just had this issue and that is what Tech support told me to do then you can run reset class counts.

It worked for me but Calendar Setup done for the school first.


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For new teachers or those needing a refresher for PowerSchool's PowerTeacher

PowerTeacher (Gradebook) Workshops
August 8, 2011
AM - 9 a.m. - noon
PM - 1 p.m. - 4 p.m
ESU 10 - 76 Plaza Blvd. Kearney, NE
Computer Labs (North Wing)

Instructor: Wayne Wiens (

In this 1/2-day workshop participants will learn the basics of PowerTeacher Gradebook (versions 6 & 7), as well as explore the more advanced features. Topics include setting up assignments and recording scores, copying term set up between terms and between classes, as well as copying assignments between courses, setting up groups, adding Internet resource links,
running reports and other topics. 

Note: The PM session is a repeat of the AM session. Just register for one of them at  

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I think I ask this every year, but is there a way to make it start going to 2011-12 now, or do I have to wait until school starts?
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I believe this was discussed earlier, but I can't remember where the new staff IDs need to go in Powerschool.  Does the new number go under SSN for each teacher?
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Did you ever get an answer to this? I'm trying to figure out the same thing. Anyone? Anyone?

Alan Bone
District PowerSchool Administrator
Westside Community Schools

The STAFF ID goes on the Faculty Page that you get to by clicking on the Edit Information page.

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I took the plunge today and migrated to PowerSchool 7.  Overall impression of the process --Very Easy and Very Smooth!!!  There were a couple of things I had to figure out with SSL but it wasn’t too bad.  SSL is more streamlined in PowerSchool 7 than it was in PowerSchool 6 so props to Pearson on that one.  The entire process took roughly 3 hours.  Now that I know what I am doing, I think I could get it down to an hour or so.  Will continue testing over the weekend and throughout PSU San Diego and see if I find any gotchas.  Oh, and it screams -- as in it is super fast!!!  Grade = A+ so far.
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