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Nov 2012 (2)
What do I use for the "Start Date" and "IDEA Start Date"
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I think it should be 12-1-11

In the SY 2011-12 CRDC Table Layout instructions found on the CRDC website, on page 6 it says "use a count on a single day between Sept. 27 and Dec 31, inclusive".  I used the same date as the NSSRS student snapshot so I could compare data.

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When I run part one of the CRDC report it does not pull the info on graduated seniors.

Is everyone else getting this to work?  Give me some ideas on what I may have setup wrong.

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You may need to uncheck the exclude from state reporting box on the Graduated School for it to pull. The report should be looking at the previous enrollments for the 11-12 school year but that exclusion could be causing it to not work. Try that and let me know if that resolves your issue. If it doesn’t I may need to have you submit a case and then either the tier 1 support or our new dedicated rep may be able to assist.

The above is from Wyatt Gaylor NE Product Manager

Trying report again now.

Thanks Wayatt

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