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Feb 2012 (5)
Registration deadline for NEPSUG is April 11, 2012

Please use the link below to find more information and to register for NEPSUG on line.
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9th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool Users' Group Conference
April 25th
Embassy Suites
12520 Westport Parkway
LaVista, NE 68128

Save this date! April 25th, the day before NETA, is the NEPSUG conference. Please join the rest of the PowerSchool community in attending this conference. More details will be released in the near future.

Are you willing to share your knowledge? If so, we are looking for presenters and we would really appreciate your involvement. Contact me at if you are interested. Don't be shy!

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I know this has been asked a few weeks ago, but I never saw a response to the question.  Is there going to be NEPSUG again this year before NETA?  Just trying to plan my week at the end of April.  Thank you.
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We are currently using PowerLunch with customized screens for our meal tracking.  We contract with LunchTime Solutions.  They would like us to look into a POS system that would give them more information as to what the student is purchasing or eating.  Is anyone using such a POS  with PowerSchool and would you recommend it.  You may contact me offline if you wish.  I appreciate your insight.  Kathy
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We are using the A La Carte  version of PowerLunch which gives you the option to enter just about any information you want such as Ice Cream, Jerky, Fruit Roll ups, Extra main entree etc.  Don't know if that will help but you could check it out on PowerSource.

I saw this solution on another post, but I know LTS is wanting to look at vendor based solution.  I would love to stay with local customizations and not involve another 3rd party software solution.  Thanks

We use Lunchtime Solutions and have just switched over to PowerLunch from a 3rd party vendor.  It looks like we can provide all the information that LS is wanting using the A La Carte customization, but I don't think they were in favor of us using PowerLunch.

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Hi All,
We contract out our lunch program with Lunchtime Solutions.  In the past we have used a separate system (I don't know what) to record all meal transactions. Lunchtime has separate pricing for different breakfast choices or entree or drink choices.  Now we are going to start using PowerLunch to record meal transactions.  Those pricing choices are pretty limited in comparison.  I have not seen anything to make me think I can change them. (I could very well be missing something as I was looking quite hurriedly)  My question is how  schools have made other pricing structures work with PowerLunch.  Thanks in advance.
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Any thing sold other then a full meal in PowerLunch must be done as a A La Carte item.     You click off of the box that says full meal charge and only type in the amount of the A La Carte item you sold.   

We had our lunch screen customized so that different items on the screen can be selected and the added together.  Luchtime Solutions has so many a la carte items that it was hard for the ladies to add it up.    But in the end it does put one price in the a la carte item area.

We use the A la Carte for PowerLunch customization found on the PowerScource Exchange site.  You can set up almost anything you want on it.  It also itemizes the sales for the parents to see exactly what their student is purchasing rather than dumping everything into "A la Carte".  We love it!

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