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Apr 2012 (3)
Just wanted to say thank you for a great NePSUG Conference!   It was GREAT!!!

Does anyone remember where Nancy O'Donnell was going to post the code for the "Daily Bulletin Attendance"?  I was pretty excited about using that!   Thanks....
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The code is now available on the PSUG website.  Does anyone know how to make this work if we use meeting attendance vs. daily attendance?  I tried it but I am not getting any results and I'm thinking it has to do with how we have out attendance set up.  Thanks in advance!

I cant' get it to work either....darn it!  I get the table but that's it!   Any advice out there?   We use meeting as well?

I was wondering if someone can re-post the link to this information.  I am still wanting to try this, if I can.

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PowerSchool Workshop
Thursday, May 10, 2012
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
ESU 10 - Kearney

Presenter: Wayne Wiens

  • How to setup the Student Grades Report overview
  • End of the Year Process
We will spend just a little time covering how to setup and run the Student Grades Report. Next we will cover the End of the Year (EOY) Process. By the end of the day, you will have everything completed so after your NSSRS reports have all been uploaded, you will be ready to run the EOY Process.

For registration, visit Odie Workshop

Wayne Wiens
Technology Systems Support Specialist - PowerSchool
ESU #9, future ESU #10
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I realized recently that I had an alternate course code incorrect for a teacher in last year's Grade Report. I want to find the course and fix it, but I can't find it. 

I went into DDA>Courses, but there's not field there for Alternate number. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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In DDA, the Alternate Course Number only shows up if a course has been assigned one.  It then appears in the Custom field, but appears to be non-editable (if that's a word) in DDA.

Editing the Alternate Course number can be done at the Setup>School>Courses screen.

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