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May 2012 (9)
I have entered the information for the Assessment fact for NAI (we are using NWEA scores) and have entered 6/30/2012 for both the year and test dates.  When I run the report I get "NO RECORDS FOUND"  I know I'm probably missing something stupid, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.  ANY suggestions appreciated!!!
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I have never been able to get this to work either.  I put my scores in the percent field. Is there some setup for the report that I am missing?

This is the first year I have been responsible for the test scores.  I have only entered PLAN scores, we are paying NWEA to create the file for the MAPS.  I entered scores for each student under State/Province NE; Assessment Fact for National Instrument Results; then clicked new and chose from the list. 

Once there I just had text boxes for composite, reading and math, no dates.  I exported Assessment Fact, and the data was there.

Hope something there is helpful.

OK - that explains it.  I was entering our data in the Test Scores window.  Thanks for the help!

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I feel I ask this question every time I do state reports.  So here I am again asking.
What start and end dates do you use for the following:

School Enrollment
Year End Special Ed Snapshot
Title 1
and all the Program Facts


Rebecca Vanek
Ord Public Schools
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 Here is the issue. Grades not printing on report cards for 2nd graders.
Giving a blank.

1. This is for a PE class.

2. K-2 are in the class and enrolled in all the same class, 3 PE.

3. Grades are entered for all kids in this class for the semester. Dates
were checked in the gradebook.

4. Different report cards for each grade, K report card, 1st grade
Report card.......

5. K and 1st Grade PE grades are showing up on their report cards. 2nd
Grade are not.

6. Checked code (object reports cards) on all report cards. All the same
for every report card

7. Checked DDE, all stored grades are in there for all kids.

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Pick a student and then look at Historical Grades to see if a blank record got stored (it will show a dash).

There are grades in the StoredGrades table. 

On a student page, click on Historical Grades in the left-hand column.

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Does anyone use PowerSchool for summer school sessions?  If so, can you contact me?
We want to take attendance if possible for summer school.
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We use PowerSchool for summer school attendance in Columbus.  I have a summer school set up then I create a class for attendance and enroll students in a class in another school for that.  We do not move students to the school and we hand enter grades in the historical grade screen.

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We have scheduled another End of the Year workshop. Hopefully this is after school is out so it easier for you to attend.

PowerSchool Workshop
Tuesday, May 22, 2012
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
ESU 9 - Hastings
Presenter: Wayne Wiens

  • How to setup the Student Grades Report overview
  • End of the Year Process
We will spend just a little time covering how to setup and run the Student Grades Report. Next we will cover the End of the Year (EOY) Process. By the end of the day, you will have almost everything completed so after your NSSRS reports have all been uploaded, you will be ready to run the EOY Process.

To register, go to ESU 9's registration page.

Wayne Wiens
Technology Systems Support Specialist - PowerSchool
ESU #9, future ESU #10
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We implemented a new lunch program called "NutriKids" and would like to import the balances and LunchStatus from it into PowerSchool. We also want to export our current list of active students from PowerSchool into the NutriKids program.

Any help setting this up to be an automated process would be appreciated.

I was told by PowerSource that since we were a hosted site that I would have to use a program FileZilla to set this up. Has anyone done this? NutriKids has an automated way to export and import files, but I need to get PowerSchool to do the same.

We use AutoSend to send low balances to SchoolReach so I know that we can send info out of PowerSchool to a site. I guess FileZilla makes a computer an FTP client so it can import and export from PowerSchool.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Lori Stolcpart
Ainsworth Community Schools
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You can use an AutoComm to import back into PowerSchool. This will take the file you exported from another system and put it into the correct spot in PS

We have had a request to have the staff photos show up on the Ala Carte serve lunch screen. The student photos show up without any issues, but the staff photos do not. Does anyone know of the code that I could add to make staff photos show?

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I am trying to import my NWEA scores into PowerSchool.  What table do you import them into?  I thought it was AssessmentFact2 but it is not working.  
Thanks for any ideas.
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I know some schools pay NWEA for the NAI template.  I believe the deadline for this year is May 15 for a June 15 delivery. The cost is $150.

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OK, I had my student grades report up and running just fine last week.  Trying to do a little tweaking on my SPED classes and now when run the report I get "no records found" AGAIN.  Anyone have ANY idea what I should look for?
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Our seniors get out on the 9th, and the rest of the school doesn't get out until the 18th.  How do you recommend entering attendance for those dates?  
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You can assign the seniors a track (A, B, C, D, E, or F). Can be done using Student Field Value in Functions.

Then in your Calendar Setup, deselect the Track that you assigned to them for the 10th to the 18th.

I believe NDE would say it is a "district decision" on how to handle this. Most of the schools I know have the seniors exiting PS the same day as the rest of the students, which is after the last day of school. It would be helpful to know if many schools are not handling it this way and if someone has a more definite ruling from NDE.

At the data conference I think I remember NDE stating that they take the actual attendance from the CDC where the hours are entered.  And it doesn't matter if you have your Seniors exit the same as the rest of your students.  That is how we do it in Columbus.

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