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Jan 2013 (3)
We have noticed that with our new staff this year, they have to go to another screen after entering grades to publish the assignment.  It doesn't appear to be like that for the veteran teachers.  Is there a setting we need to put in so it automatically publishes when the teacher enters a grade?
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In the teacher's gradebooks, select Tools > Categories. Select each category and check the Publish Scores box.

They might want to check the other settings in that window, too. If you always use 100 points, I would change the default from 10 to 100.

They will have to publish the scores in the assignment section for any assignments created before checking the box in Categories.

Thanks, I will give that to them :)

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I thought I would try to get ahead with state reporting, and pull the Student Grades Report for S1.  I can't pinpoint what I'm doing wrong, as I am able to pull our ES and our MS information, but not the high school.  I've tried being in the S1 term, I've tried being in the year-long term, I've tried being in Q3 term, and I still get nothing for the HS.  
Any suggestions?
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Do you have the settings at District > Schools/School Info > select the high school > Reporting Store Codes. I entered Term 2012-2013 with store codes S1,S2, Term Semester 1 with store code S1, and Term Semester 2with store code S2. If you have any Quarter long classes, you will need to enter Quarter 1 with Q1, etc.

I don't understand why the ES and MS exports, but it appears that these need to be entered each school year.

Thanks Sharon, it looks like problem solved :):):)

I have some students that left our district during first semester, or right at the end.  On the grades report starting with teacher name-in the teacher name it only shows the staff member's last name, then their first name shows in the staffid column.  Everything else in the record moves over one column with that.
This affects all students that left our district during S1, regardless of exit date.  
Any suggestions on this? 

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I set up a period for activities so we can have a roster and the coaches can have easy access to grades/demographics, etc.  This will also help us track activities.

I set up the sections to not count attendance, not count towards ada/adm, etc.  However, if the office goes in and marks someone gone all day for any reason, of course it fills in that period and includes it on reports, even though it doesn't count.

Did I set up something wrong, because they don't want to see that nor have the parents get something that says their child was gone from Basketball?   

Please let me know what you did differently. 


Joan Ibarra
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What report is this appearing on?

I'm not sure but I do know that for the Absentee Report, it does show that they are gone for that period.  Even though it doesn't count, it is confusing parents and the office?

Hmmm...I do see the point now.  I guess I've just never had anyone question it.  If I come up with anything I'll let you know.

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