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Oct 2013 (8)
Hello - 

We are no longer printing report cards, so I am trying to develop the capability to have the parents have the option to "view report card" (essentially seeing the PDF we view when we print the report card on our end) through their portal rather than just viewing the quick lookup. 

I have contacted Pearson's for help, but was essentially told that it a customization that we need to create, the data is there to display the information, but it needs to be coded as the system itself does not have that capability.

Anyone here done this before and willing to help me walk through it?

Thanks in advance!

Megan Sullivan
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Has anyone else had problems running the Student Summary Attendance report?  When I try to run the report, the report queue under the "started" tab it says N/A and the status is "pending".  I phoned support this morning and the recording said that JAVA was creating a problem with ReportWorks and Gradebook and referred me to Article 70834.  I hadn't heard of any talk on the airways about problems with running this report so just thought I would ask if anyone else was experiencing this.  Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried restarting reportworks services on your server.

We are hosted....I will contact them and give that a try.  Thanks!


Just go to District > System > System Setting and Reset Server.  May take just a few minutes but should take care of your problem.

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I am having a few issues with attendance at our district.  Some of the schools had errors in the calendar setup, some had scheduling issues and errors, and etc.   I am trying to fix everything and get it going before our Student Summary Attendance reports are due.  Out of five schools, I think one is working correctly and has everything set up as it should be!    I know part of our issue is incomplete schedules at one school.   However, I have an issue with one day at the high school that shows a zero for attendance in the ADA/ADM for all students.   The date is the last day of school, shows in-session, shows the correct day and bell schedule, yet when you look, it is already showing no attendance for students that day.    I am including a screen shot here:  (The date in issue is 5/20/14.)

 Any ideas?
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Have you checked that your calendar shows 1 for Membership Value?

Membership (your 181) is calculated from the Calendar's Membership Value.

Attendance (160.2) is calculated by the Attendance Conversion that is attached to the Bell Schedule that is set for the specific day in the calendar.

For 5/20, where the Attendance value is 0. I would check the Attendance Conversion associated with that day's Bell Schedule.

Also, the Membership value and the Attendance values should equal for days in the future. The 16th & 19th has 1 membership point, but only allows 0.8 of an attendance point.

Remember to refresh attendance anytime you make a change to the attendance setup.  Special Functions > Attendance Functions  > Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data.

I ran the refresh attendance and I still get a zero in the day for May 20, 2014.   So, when you print out a report, it will show every student has an absence already.   My calendar set up looks the same for that day as the days before.  I wanted to attach a screen shot, but can't in a comment. 

The .8 days are because this particular student has an incomplete schedule on top of this other issue.  It's really fun here this year!!!!

I sent this into powersource, but really need an answer more quickly than their recent response times have been! 


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Hello, my admin would like me to create a report containing the following information:
Student name       Grade       Abs      Tar      Course     Assignments      Marks

Would anyone have a report already created like this? Or is this possible to create? They would like to be able to grab all the Sr. High students have have this report print as a list, not separate pages for each student.
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Does anyone use the attendance tracking at all?  If so, thoughts?

Also, is there an easy export to get students with more than 5 days absent, etc?   I think I have it, but just want to see if there are better ideas than what I am doing.

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Hi Joan,

I find that attendance tracking does not work for us after 1st semester as we start counting over again at the beginning of 2nd semester.  We send letters to parents when students get to their 6th absence and again at 10.  So this is what I do:

I set up a custom page called Attendance with 2 fields on it.  6th Attendance Letter Sent (field name 6attendance) and 10th Attendance Letter Sent (field name 10attendance).  Then I created 2 stored searches:
1.  6th Absences with the search criteria of:
2.  10th Absences with the search criteria of:

When I run the search it looks for anyone with 6 or 10 absences and does not have a date in the letter sent field.  I then send the letter and enter the date in the letter sent field. 

This works well for us, but I am certainly open to  anything easier!  Please share if you find something wonderful.

I've never used it nor set it up, was trying but not getting it to work correctly.  We are needing some way that is not too difficult to find students who have missed 5 days or more, and 10 days or more....we use period to day as our attendance mode.   

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I think my brain is fried lately.  I just calculated honor roll for a school, looks good, but I want to save that group of kids so I can print certificates.   I thought I did that by matching selections last year in DDE.   However, I am having issues.   I'll keep at it, but if anyone has the answer, it may save me some time!!! 
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And, I know last year I was then able to run out the certificates easily from there as well.   PowerSource is down, so I'm asking you guys!!

I have a reporting engine report for honor roll that I love.  You can run your honor roll and then it gives you the "Functions" option so you can print a report or whatever you want to do.  If I can send that template through this source I don't know how.  If you would like to give me your e-mail I could forward it to you.  Or  I probably got it from PowerData Solutions if you'd like to check there.

Kris, could you send it to me?

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I have an attendance letter that uses ^(*dabs) to report days absent.  It is pulling all students 1 day less absent than they should be.  Such as:  students absent 1 day pull as 0 days absent.  Students with 0 days absent as appearing with -1 day absent.  When I check my ADA/ADM report it shows the absences correctly.  I have checked my Attendance Conversion and FTE's.   It worked last year.  ANY idea what I am missing here?
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I had a similar problem last year with one of our two schools (the other one was just fine) except my ^(*dabs) request was adding two days to the total.

I was never able to figure out what the problem was as my calendars, conversions, and FTEs all looked identical from one school to the next.

To work around the issue for the one school, I ended up using date range DABS coding (i.e. ^(*dabs;08/19/2013;10/21/2013)).  That gave me the correct attendance data for reports but was a little bit of a hassle in terms of remembering to update my coding.

This year ^(*dabs) is giving me the correct results for all schools.

Check your calendar setup. I had a school that had Labor Day as 0 membership, but they forgot to uncheck the In Session box.

I encourage schools to remove the Day, Schedule, and uncheck Tracks along with In Session boxes when there is 0 membership. Easier to see that everything is cleared.

Thank you Sharon that was it!!!  Only I had 1 day marked as in session and membership of 0 because we changed the date for parent teacher conferences and I just didn't change it correctly! 

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We had a couple teachers update their java when prompted yesterday, and now gradebook will not open again for them.   We had finally got everything back to normal here with gradebooks.   Anyone else have this issue?   Is there some workaround again?

I was asked to upload the Gradebook app that Ray sent it is...

If that doesn't work, try downloading it from here:

It will have to be is the message Ray sent me, and this worked GREAT!

Yes.  The settings are for St. Vincent de Paul's PowerSchool server, which won't do the Alliance folks much good.
So where the properties file says,
you will need to enter your information.  Log in to PowerSchool as an
administrator, go to System>System Settings>Global Server
Settings.  Whatever is listed there under PowerTeacher Gradebook
Settings - External Access is what you will need to put in the
properties file and save.  And that should work for you.
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There is an issue with the Java 1.7.0_45 update and PowerTeacher.

This is the workaround.

In PowerTeacher, click on Gradebook at the left. Under the Launch PowerTeacher Gradebook there is a warning line - "If the launch button failed to open PowerTeacher gradebook, click here to further assess the problem." Select the "click here" and it takes you to the directions.

I have had good luck (in a Mac environment) downloading and installing the gradebook app.  Teachers can then access their gradebook via an icon on their dock; that still gives them a web interface but one that isn't affected by the Java issues (or so far that's the case, anyway).

I had to do a little configuring of the properties file in order to get the app to run properly; I did that on one machine and then put the app to a USB stick and copied to the rest of the machines.

We are Mac, running 10.8.    We finally got everything working great until yesterday.  They can "Skip" the update, but it's too late for some already.   Ray, tell me more about the gradebook app, and what you did?   If you don't want to post it all here, you can email me

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