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Mar 2013 (5)
Does anyone know a way for teachers to see custom field data for their students? I'm trying to create a report so track coaches can see their students and student cell phone numbers. Has anyone found a creative way around the PS limitation preventing teachers to access custom field data?
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We created a course called coach roster, enroll all their student in the course.  They they can see whatever they need.  Make sure the course does not count towards attendance or class rank and such.  Each coach is a different section number.  Works great for us.

Thanks, Kathy. That's what we've done. But we're trying to find a way for the coaches to be able to see and print students' cell phone numbers, which is a custom field we created in PowerSchool. PowerSchool doesn't allow teachers to access custom fields so we're looking for a way around that limitation.

Sorry, I sure didn't read your post very well.  I'm thinking.......

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I want to show the current credits on a report (for classes currently taking, but not earned. 

Anyone have a code for me?
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Create a GPA calculation method, call it CreditsCurrent. Use   trunc(sum(gpa_earnedcredit()),1)  as the formula and set the Calculation type to "Current" and leave everything else blank.

Then use this code, ~(*gpa method="CreditsCurrent"), on your report card, object report or the Student GPA Screens.

NOTE: It will pull the credits from the term you have set on the School > Current Grade Display screen's Current Grade field.

Thanks...that worked perfectly!

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I am trying to print the attendance report with any comments that have been made on a student.

For example - if a student is absent for one class because of a doctor appointment our secretary comments on that one absence so that we know why that student was gone.

Is there any way when we print the attendance report to include those comments for the student in the report??
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There are some reports on PowerSource. Click on the Community tab, then the PowerSource Exchange button. Search for attendance comments. There are different ones you can look at to see if it is what you want.

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10th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool User Group Conference
April 24, 2013
LaVista Convention Center

Registration is now open. Deadline is April 17!

To register, click here => NEPSUG and then click the Registration link on the left.

Registration is only $60

Besides sessions for PowerSchool administrators, there will be sessions for secretaries, counselors and people responsible for state reporting.

Session topics include:
  • Secretary - Beginning topics
  • Secretary - Advanced topics
  • Round Table for Secretaries
  • I’m a Counselor…Where’s My Training
  • Graduation Planning
  • State Reporting
  • CRDC
  • GPA, Class Rank, Honor Roll
  • Handling private students
  • MAPS uploads
  • Simple Customizations
  • Security and Users Groups
  • Test Server
  • Instant Parent Notification calling system

The following vendors will be on site:
  • Alert Solutions (School Announcement) - notification system
  • School Reach - notification system
  • LightSpeed Technologies - classroom audio
  • Registration Gateway - online registration
  • eFunds for Schools - online payments
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Is there any information on special hotel rates for the conference?

Sorry, not at this time, as far as I know. It is probably something the committee will look into next year.

Maybe we could quickly do something for this year. No promises..... will update this if we have something. A question might be: do you want it for the night before, Tuesday night, or the day of, which is Wednesday, or both?

When I registered for NETA rooms at Embassy in the fall they accepted the NETA rate for PowerSchool.  Maybe they just thought I was coming in early for NETA;)  Give it a shot I guess.

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Has anyone heard of a new gradebook problem with Java?  The science teacher came to my class and told me that Java updated and now he can't get into his gradebook, but I haven't heard from any other teachers or anything on the PowerSchool lists I monitor.  Haven't had time to do much troubleshooting yet, but thought I would go ahead and reach out to the 'experts'.  Thanks!
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I had the same issue crop up today for teachers running Mac OS 10.6.8 (Apple continues to create problems for that OS and then has to come up with Java updates to fix those problems).

I downloaded and installed Java Update 14 from the support site; that fixed the issue.

As to not all teachers mentioning the issue, my guess is they are either not running 10.6.8 or haven't actually re-started their laptop/desktop in several days (once re-started I bet the gradebook won't work).  

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