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May 2013 (5)
I have entered results for 4th, 8th and 11th grades for the Assessment Fact for NAI NSSRS report and only get (no records found) when I run the report.  I really hope someone can tell me what I am missing?  Thanks in advance for any advice!
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I have an ADA/ADM report that I ran for my HS and it shows 170 membership.  When I run my attendance summary to upload to the state, I show a total of 171.5 (when I add days present and days absent).
After counting calendar days less snow days, I show I should have 170 days total.  I am wondering if something in my conversion is wrong...
We have an 8 period day plus an additional period that we have labeled advisory instead of a number-so it's essentially a 9 period day.  
Any suggestions??  
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I figured this out for us.  PowerSchool is rounding up our quarter days, .25 became .3, .75 became .8.  I had to correct this in Excel for now.  We will correct our conversions in Powerschool to reflect the one decimal place limitation at the state.

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We're printing report cards for a high school, grades 9-12. We have student who've "dropped" year-long courses at the end of first semester so they end up with grades and credit for one semester of the course. We want the final report cards to show these semester 1 "dropped courses" and grades along with the other grades.

To do this, we can select students individually and select the "includes dropped courses" option when printing the report card. But that option isn't available when we select the students as a group. Anyone know how to get around this and tell PowerSchool to show dropped courses for a large group of students?


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Select the students then use this url only using your powerschool address. If you aren't hosted, you will also have something different than

It works! Thanks, Sharon!!

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Does anyone know where I can get information on the PowerSchool Conference to be held on July 23-24 in Kearney?
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Just double checking how most of you do you commit before or after end of year processes are done?

Do you split your year long courses?
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This is what PowerSource article # 55644 says:

Commit the schedule from PowerScheduler to the live-side. Perform this action AFTER the schedule is complete and school is out of session, but BEFORE the End-of-Year (EOY) process has been run. Ensure that the year term has been created on the live side before committing your schedule.

Some schools split year-long courses and others don't. When you split them, it is easier for drop & adds at the end of the semester.

Just the other day when I was talking to tech support about a PowerScheduler question, I asked the tech support person about article #55644 stating the schedule should be committed AFTER school is out of session. He was surprised to hear the article stated that and he didn't have a reason why it would state this. He agreed with me in the fact that schools commit all the time before school is out of session.

To me committing the schedule from PowerScheduler is no different than copying the master schedule on the live side, which schools, especially elementary schools, do all the time before school is out of session.

Also, how do you define "school is out of session?" If you pad your dates, is this after the calendar days are marked as not in session or is it after the last day of Y&T? Oh, that is right, Pearson says we shouldn't pad our dates too. :)

The article is correct, you definitely want to commit the schedule before you run the EOY process.

I used to commit before the school year was up, too. With all the updates, I wondered if it made a difference. Thanks for the info.

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