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Jul 2013 (2)
This year, our freshmen are required to stay on campus during lunch and the high school wants attendance taken.  They were wondering if there was a way to keep track of attendance by punching in the lunch number so staff would not have to take attendance.

I did make a period for lunch.

We serve alacarte lunch, so I set up "brown bag" lunch in addition to the regular menu items, so they could punch in and not have any cost assessed if they do not actually eat from the lunch room.

However, it does not really differentiate the grade levels in the lunch reports.   I was thinking we may have to run a lunch report for freshmen each day and then put in attendance from the office.  Not ideal.

Any thoughts on this?  
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Here's my stupid question for the day ... Should office staff have access to students' Quick Lookup screen, with current grades showing? Is there a way to block access to this screen without having to turn on individual page permissions? Should I not be worried about this? We have office staff in Advancement who use PowerSchool only for demographic info and locating students during the day. TIA.
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