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Aug 2013 (10)
There is a current bug in 7.8.0-7.8.2 that multiples the class rank records every time the class rank is re-calculated, so the CR report will show multiple entries per student. KB article #70497 explains how to delete the multiple records. In short, you go into DDA, search for YearID = 23 and delete the found records.

If you want to run the Class Rank report after you delete the records, you will need to manually recalculate the class rank.  School > Class Rank > Recalculation Frequency > Recalculate Now.  If your recalculation frequency is set to Daily, you will have duplicates tomorrow. You may want to set the frequency to Monthly or Manual until the bug is fixed.

Also, I know of a school where the class rank report was showing multiple student records, but along with pulling the current seniors, it was also pulling the seniors that graduated last year. Since we can't run Class Rank for previous years, we deleted all the records in the Class Rank table. We could have also searched for YearID >=22 and deleted the last two years of records instead of deleting all.
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Did the recent update (7.9) fix this bug?

Yes, it fixed it.

Thanks, Bryan...our list was a mess, plus it even included some kids that already graduated.. .not sure what is going on with that!   I'll give it a try again tomorrow.

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I am hoping I will remember how I did this last year as soon as I submit...I have a period set  for Extra Curricular Activities and enroll kids in it.  I have the course set to exclude from attendance, the period to exclude from ada/adm, but when you call up the students, it shows in their attendance still.   Last year I was able to change that so it doesnt' show to the secretaries, etc for attendance.   Anyone remember how to do that?
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Our district switched our email to using gmail.  Ever since that switch our parents have not been getting their PowerSchool emails.  When I look at the Outgoing Mail Queue it says they have all been completed.  Anyone else using gmail and having problems?  Any ideas what we can check?  Thanks for any help.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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With Google Apps there is a limit on how many messages a user account can send per day.  Someone else correct me if I am wrong but the daily sending limit is 2000.  Because we are a smaller district, we are still under the limit but with a district your size, I'm guessing you are exceeding it.  Attached is our PS email config screen.  All addresses blocked out are the same.  They should be your PowerSchool gmail account.

The workaround is to contact Google to see if anything can be done or keep a server at your district just for the PowerSchool mail traffic.   

I guess there is no option anymore for attachments.  E-mail me if you want to compare or use it as a guide for setup.

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Do you all delete your log entries every year? We have always, but I export them out and save them, due to the fact you just have so many to scroll through otherwise. 

However, I have been searching to see if there is a better way to archive, or group the log entries by year?

Anyone have any way to do that?
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I have a few teachers that cannot take attendance in some of their sections (classes).  The single day attendance doesn't show anything:  

But the multi day attendance does:

I looked at the sections and courses, but don't see anything there different ... anyone have any ideas how to fix this? 

It's been crazy this year...I think the craziest start ever to a school year!
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Mine is doing the same thing, but only at the elementary.

I had one teacher with the same problem.  My issue was that I deleted a kindergarten student that did not show up and is going elsewhere instead of un-enrolling him. Thinking "He was never here, has not grades, no big deal just delete".   A mistake I will not make again!!!  Therefore he was still enrolled in classes in the CC table confusing PowerTeacher.  I had to find his records in the CC table and delete them.  Solved the problem.

Just saw this on PSUG.  May be just what you need, and much easier than what they had me do!

Received the following
steps from support which resolved the problem for us:

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Non-Atomic Mode (turn off)

System > Special Operations > Clear orphaned student schedule records

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Atomic Mode (turn back on)

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For some reason all of last years lunch transactions are showing up in powerschool yet?   I have never seen that before...any ideas?
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We are having the same issue...and it's just random dates that seem to be appearing!

Ugh.  Parents are calling, etc.!!   Good grief!

The transactions should be deleted during the end-of-the-year process, so something must not have functioned properly. You can delete them, they are held on the GLdetail table. In DDA go to the GLdetail table and search for Date < sometime before the start of school this year. Verify those are the records you do not want and then delete them. Then make sure you recalculate lunch balances under System > Special operations.

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How do you change the sort order of periods? I'm going to School Setup > Periods > Edit Period but I'm not able to change the sort order. The attendance secretary wants the attendance period ("Period Z") listed first, as it was last year. I've looked at last year's Periods and Period Z shows as 9 in the sort order. Is there a way the attendance secretary can sort periods on her end? TIA!
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On the Periods page, click on the Period Number you want to change and drag it to the new order location you want.  The sort order will re-arrange itself.

I spent an hour trying to figure that out? Too simple! Thanks, Ray. :-)

Does anyone know how to arrange periods on the quick look up screen?  Mine are showing up 2,4,7,1,6,5,3,8,9....haven't had this happen before. 

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Can anyone help me create a custom alert for IEP's?  Or send me in the right direction for this?  Thanks!
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Do you want the alerts only on the admin side or where teachers can see it?

It can be done on the admin side, but from what I know, we can NOT create custom alerts that are viewable in PowerTeacher or the Gradebook.

Thank you Wayne!   I did want it so teachers could see it.  I'll just have to work something else out.

You could use one of the built-in alerts. I know of a school that uses the Other Alert for IEPs. This is the yellow triangle with the exclamation point and is found on students' Other Information screen. This alert, like all built in alerts, shows up on the PowerTeacher's attendance screen.

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We enabled single sign on for parents, and I have had a couple parents be successful in setting up accounts.  The last 2, however get this message:

Valid student information must be entered

I tried to walk thru the steps for them and got the same message?  Any ideas what the problem could be?   The student web ID and web password has been put in correctly.   Help! 
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I have just ran across the same problem.  I had to manually go into change guardian passwords and also go into Access Accounts and manually set up the account if they have never been in.  It will then prompt them to reset their passwords.

Not sure why it is doing this so if anyone know the reason or fix I would surely like to know.

You changed the guardian passwords? 

Yes, I changed the guardian, it was the parent that was having the problem getting in and getting started. So I reset everything just to try to figure it out.

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What kind of PS training do you offer for new teachers? This is my first year at a high school and I need to get the new teachers started with PowerTeacher and Gradebook. In the past, at an elementary school, I used other teachers to help the new teachers get started setting up their courses, explain weighting, etc. Does anyone have any good training materials you could share? Thanks!
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We would be interested in PS training resources for new Teachers and new School Nurses.  Something tangible that they can put their hands on and refer back to.

I have a document that I created a few years ago that may be helpful.  I don't believe there have been too many changes since then.  If there is a way to send that to you on here I don't know how.  I will try to e-mail it to each of you.  I will send a pdf and a doc version so you can adjust anything you feel the need to.

OK so I thought I could get your e-mails but it seems I cannot.  Please e-mail me and I will respond.

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