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Oct 2014 (2)
Yesterday we were updated to 8.1.0 (we are hosted), and today our running balance under student lunch transactions is blank.  Has anyone else had this happen?  If so, do you have a fix?
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I haven't updated to 8.1, but in the past when running balances didn't agree with what showed in the transactions section, I would go the System>Special Operations>Recalculate Lunch Balances route.  That corrected the issues I had.  It may or may not work with the update issues.

I tried that and it the running balance still doesn't show.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Is the page customized? Try turning of customizations.

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Hi all,
Received this message from a teacher

"I just had an interesting conversation with a student who reported that
Student's name here  has the ability to "change" his grades in Powerschool to
show his current status to his parents.  The grades revert to actual
later, but it is disturbing that he is able to make temporary changes to
hoodwink his parents."

I'm inclined to think that is just some big talk by the student in question, but thought I would check in with the experts to see if you have had any real instance of this or anything similar happening.  Thanks.
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