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Dec 2014 (6)
When using the code in an object report if there is no stored grade the report will print a 0 for percent, attendance and tardies.

^(;3(A);S1;percent)<tabto 7>^(;3(a);s1;absences)<tabto 7.75>^(;3(a);s1;tardies)

Does anyone know how to code the report so it pulls nothing if there is no stored grade for that period and not print the automatic 0?

Thanks for any help.  I spent an hour on the phone with support and they were no help. 

Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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I just can't figure this out.  Have spent hours trying.  On an object report for our High School report card I am trying to use a DAT to pull a percentage if there is a stored percent and nothing if there is not a stored grade for that period.  

This is what I am using -
^(;3(A); S1;percent;; 3(A);S1;percent.blank)^(;3-4(A);S1; percent;;3-4(A);S1; percent.blank)

If there is nothing stored it pulls a zero and I am wanting a blank.  Any ideas?

Bev Lauby
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I think that if you put a semicolon-space-parenthesis rather than the DAT code it will work. 

^(;3(A);S1;percent;;3(A);S1; )^(;3-4(A);S1;percent;;3-4(A);S1; )

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I installed the Nebraska State reporting update 14.12.2

Don't Do It!!!

It messed with all the primary disability codes.  the (00) No Verified Disability code is gone so all students with that code have defaulted to (01) Emotional Disturbance.  We are still investigating, and have called Tech Support.  Wanted to get this out as soon as I could .

I will keep you posted.

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I'd like to add a line to our custom report cards that indicates whether a student has a sibling enrolled in school so we know to pull that report for mailing. Can anyone tell me how I can do that? Is there some kind of an if-then statement I could use, such as "if ^(sibling_status)=1 then insert "Y" "?? Does anyone else do something like this to make mailing reports easier? TIA.
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What is the process for utilizing the Program of Study Report through powerschool?  I have not been able to figure out what I need to check or add within our courses so that Powerschool will pull them correctly.  Any assistance on this would be helpful.  
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