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Apr 2014 (5)
When I have customizations turned on I cannot see the "Page and Data Management" link.  I can get to that page by going through the "Custom Fields and Screens" link, but that is a pain.  Has anyone else encountered this and have any idea how to fix it?  Thanks!  I wish PowerSchool would just play nice with customizations!
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I upgraded three of our backup/test servers and only one exhibited this problem. Makes me a little leery of upgrading our production server. Please let me know if you figure this out.

Alan Bone
Westside Community Schools

The page that is customized is admin/tech/home.html. I'm not sure what customization you have loaded that has modified that page. I would compare the customized System page with the stock System page (customizations turned off) and see what is different. Then you could go to the customized admin/tech/home.html file and find the customized code that adds the extra features to your current page, copy it and paste it into the new admin/tech/home.html file.

PowerTools, if installed, is on that page.  I found that this is what did it to me when I realized Page and Data Management wasn't showing up.  I made a custom page and put the link to PowerTools (along with others) there.

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Are you experiencing reoccurring slowness in PowerSchool? If you are, please fill out a Google form so we can get a better idea of the general characteristics of the slowness and try to determine if there is a consistent pattern across multiple districts. The form has 11 questions and hopefully is fairly quick and easy to complete. You will be able to see all the submissions. With this information we may be able to identify an issue(s) that we can collectively solve. I recommend you submit a form everyday you experience the slowness. This way we will have collaborating data if we need to take the issue to Pearson.

Click HERE for the form.

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.


Wayne Wiens
Integration Specialist - PowerSchool
Educational Service Unit #10
308.698.1996 x296 work
402.806.0455 cell
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Do most schools copy their master schedule from the previous year? We are a private high school so our enrollment numbers change and course offerings change each year. My co-workers who did the schedule in the past three years say they've never copied the schedule, but support is telling us we will need to create individual course sections if we don't copy the schedule. What do you do? Copy the schedule and make changes from there, or start new each year? TIA.
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Yes, you will want to copy the master schedule. It is easier to go in and change periods, teachers, etc. from the copied schedule sections than to create all new sections.

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PowerScheduler Workday
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
ESU 10 Kearney
9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Room: Mac/PC Lab
Presenter: Wayne Wiens

PowerScheduler Agenda:
  • Initial setup 
  • LOAD setup
  • Work time & time to ask questions
It would be very beneficial if you have your student requests completed before this workshop. 

Register here=> Odie Registration

If you have any questions, please contact me,
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Is anyone else having trouble getting the new gradebook launch method icon to appear on the PowerTeacher page?  We have the desktop icon, just not the one in PowerTeacher.

According to support mine does not appear because I have customizations.  When I turn off customization it does appear.  They cannot (will not) give me any idea which customization  could be affecting this.  I really don't think I have customized anything on PowerTeacher except the log in page.  I reverted that to the original and it did not help. 

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  Otherwise the only suggestion support could offer was to revert every customized page individually until I hit the right one!

Thank you!!!
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If you click into System/ System Settings/ Global Server Settings

There is a PowerTeacher Gradebook settings link : which if it is selected for Windows / Both or whatever, it will only allow you to download and launch that way.

If it is set to none, it will return to normal.

Try that

When I go to the global server settings page the only options I see for PowerTeacher Gradebook Settings are:

Secure Server SSL
Server Host name or IP Adress
PowerTeacher Gradebook Socket Timeout (Minutes)


If you are running 7.10.x the "Enable alternate deployment method for PowerTeacherGradebook" link is in Global Server Settings.  With 7.11 they removed it.  There is a "Gradebook Launcher Installers" link in System Settings but that is only to down the installers. You could try using one of those for the installs.

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