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May 2014 (3)
We are wanting to gravitate towards being paperless next school year.  How do you go about notifying parents for failing grades, mid-term reports, report cards, and stuff like that?  All advice is appreciated :)
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I had a request at NEPSUG to post the attendance reports that prints the attendance comments. I found these on a web site, but it looks like they are no longer posted. I am attaching the zip file for the two reports called Student Attendance List.rpt and Attendance Detail - Students.rpt. They are similar but different in format.

Save and unzip the file. Go to System Reports > Engine tab > Load One Local Report. Select Browse and find the file to import. Select Import. Repeat the process for the second file.

You have to go to System Reports > Engine tab to run the reports.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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We are a bit confused about the reporting responsibility for a student attending a Rule 18 School.  This student is an option in student at our district.  He was sent to Madison in April of 2013 and finished the school year there.  In July he was enrolled in Morton School-Whitehall Campus, a Rule 18 school in Lincoln.

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year I was told to report him as transferred out as he was attending Morton in Lincoln (at that time no one here apparently realized Morton was a Rule 18 school) 

NeSA testing came along and guess what, the NDE thinks we are responsible for him once again.  According to Ginger at the NDE Helpdesk the Who Reports What documentation students attending Rule 18 school are to be reported by the District of Residence not the last District of Membership.

Have any of you run into this situation and how do you handle these students?  Thanks for any guidance. 
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We ran into this situation a couple of years ago.  As long as the student was in your district when he was placed in rule 18 school, you are responsible for all of his reporting.  You are also responsible for all of his testing including Terra Nova, MAP, NeSA. 

Some Rule 18 School do the state reporting and some do not, you will have to check with that school.

Thank you so much!  I think!  LOL!

We have quite a few students that are at Rule 18 Schools.  We created a entry code for own use that is R18 so we can find these students the NDE entry code value is 100 for still enrolled but it is easier for us to search and find and then make sure we get them tested.

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