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Aug 2014 (3)
Where do you designate a student as HP instead of PK in PowerSchool?
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I believe on each student on the State/Provine - NE page 

(under Information on the left hand side)   

Half-day Pre K  --change the drop down to YES for each student

This can also be done on the Transfer Info page at the bottom
When you choose Yes or No to the Part time Kindergarten or Part time pre-school.

The Unique ID extraction file still shows the grade level as PK even though Half-Day Pre-K is selected in PS.  How can the extraction pull out the HP grade designation? I've imported the extracted file into Excel, changed PK to HP and then converted file to .txt for upload. I'd prefer the extracted file to show HP as the grade level, not PK.

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Anyone else here have students from out-of-state school districts enrolled? Do they get an NSSRS Unique ID? I'm at a private school that has not yet requested the Unique IDs (I know, I was surprised, too!) and now I need them. But at my previous school, we didn't have out-of-state students.

Do you pull them out of your state reporting data before you upload to NDE? How do you handle districtofresidence field? We have a couple of students from Iowa and I found Iowa school district codes, but I'm not sure what's going to happen when I upload them to NDE for NSSRS Unique IDs. Any thoughts? TIA. 
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When we have students from other schools the State has always asked who does the assessments if it is not you then don't report them.  Do you assess these students or do they just take a class at your school.  If it is just a class then I would not report them.  But I would put in a helpdesk ticket with NDE to find out for sure.


As a private school, we aren't required to do state assessments, but these students attend Marian full time. I need an Uniq-ID for them in order for a counselor to order an ACT-type test that's mandated by our archdiocese.  I'll submit (another) help desk ticket. Thanks, Suzanne.

Jane, I have used this document a lot when I come across these unique situations.  It sounds like these kids would maybe fall under the "contracted in" status (NDE may tell you different?).  But the document tells you what templates the student should be submitted on.

Who Reports What

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I realize my html skills are pretty rusty, but I should be able to get a simple list to work in Reports  > Setup > Form Letters. I'm trying to use the <ol><li></li></ol> codes in a simple letter. Any chance these codes don't work with the Form Letters in Reports?? TIA.
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    code in Form Letters" (view all)

Hi.  I tried these codes and was able to get the desired result.
This was on both version 7.11.1 and 8.0.0.

Maurice du Preez
Hampton Public School

OK. Just need to figure out where my error is. Thanks for trying it, Maurice. :-)

What does your code look like?

This is what I tried earlier with the html codes you are using and it produced the desired results:


Grade: 4

What kind of list are you setting up?

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