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Nov 2015 (1)
Are there any other schools that use Modern Images for their student and staff photos?  This is our first year with them and I can not figure out how to import their photos from the CD into PowerSchool.  I have called the company but they have been no help.  Any guidance would be appreciated.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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Importing photos are a pain. :-P We had boys in the CD we received from our photographer. (We're an all-girls school).

Here's the KB article in PowerSource for importing photos:

We don't have Modern Images but I just make up my own map txt document with the student_number in one column and the Picture name in the other column ( it is also named the student _number.jpg)

Then I ZIP the file of student photo's which are each labeled as the student_number.jpg

It has worked for me great.  Call me if you need more help

In the .txt file, does the .jpg have to have the same number as the student number? I've been going through and changing them one at a time. We used to get them named with the student number, but no more. :(

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