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Dec 2015 (4)
I just popped in the disk with ACT scores, thinking this was going to be a simple upload. This is the first time we've received the scores on disk. There's no PowerSchool number!!?? Did our counselors not provide the correct information to the testing company?? I wasn't involved at any point; just handed the disk. Any suggestions on how to get started? Anyone else working over break?? Hello??
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As far as I know, we do not get a disk with the scores.  Our counselor does it but we don't have a lot of students to enter either.  Sounds like a great idea and should be easy.  Oh yes, working over break!  Happy Holidays to all!

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Save the Date!

13th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool Users Group
ESU #3 in Omaha

Sunday Evening - March 13, 2016 - Networking Session
Monday, March 14, 2016 - PowerSchool Sessions

More Details Later

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Hi, My Name is Dylan Woodruff, and im the tech. admin and i was wondering if someone can help setup a PowerSchool server for my school district. Thank you.

And ill be ready to give information (Some) to Give you a better understanding of what i'm trying to do! 

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Is there any way to set up log entries to email parents automatically?
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PowerSchool doesn't have the capabilities to directly email log entries to parents. I've just finished a customization project with a contractor that allows PowerSchool to generate the contents of an email to parents, which is a list of discipline log entries. We have to copy and paste into an email. 

Well, dang.  That's what I thought.  Thanks for your reply.  Merry Christmas!

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I don't really know whats going on, none of my teachers can launch gradebook.  I've tried reinstalling the launch on their desktops, I've tried to launch the old way, I've updated Java, I'm Downgraded java!!!! Nothing like having an issue with gradebook a week before the quarter ends - Anyone else having this problem??? We are hosted running 9.1.1 Java 8 Update 66.
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What a nightmare! We are on hosted, 9.1.1 also and our teachers are using Macs. I've installed Java 8 update 66 on 2 teacher Macs in the past couple of days. No problems at our school. What does support say?

It's strange that all your teachers can't access Gradebook. Try this PowerSource document: ID 73638 "PowerTeacher Gradebook Standalone App fails to launch"  This has instructions for both Macs and Windows users. This fixes a lot of Gradebook problems for me.

We haven't jumped to 9.1.x yet but earlier this fall I ok'd our hosting vendor upgrading us from 8.0.x to 8.3.x.  That killed our gradebookson all Macs running OS 10.6.8 (yeah, I still have a few of those).

If your hosted server was recently upgraded, something similar might be happening in this case.  The Release Notes for each PowerSchool update usually have notes on compatibility (which I hadn't bothered to read carefully prior to our issue).

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