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Jul 2015 (1)
The high school I'm at has been doing both period attendance and daily attendance. Really wonky and no one has been able to explain why. So we have a new principal and she wants to change to just period attendance. Do most high schools use period attendance? Can anyone think of why we would not want to switch to period attendance for the new year? Thanks!
2 Responses to "Attendance setup for high school"

At our high school, we use only period attendance.  It works very well for tracking attendance and tardies.  We use daily attendance for our elementary only since they do not go by periods.

We use period attendance also the only thing to be careful with is setting up your attendance conversion it can only be 1 decimal place for NSSRS reporting.  We have 9 periods so it is set up as 1 period missed is .8, 2=.7, 3=.6, 4=.5, 5=.4, 6=.3, 7=.2, 8=.1, 9=0


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