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Feb 2016 (3)
I've been looking through the info available now on the upcoming PowerTeacher Pro. Looks like the new gradebook will be VERY different. Has anyone seen a demo yet? Are you planning to roll it out next fall for all teachers to use? Are you planning training yet for your teachers? I can't wait to get rid of the Java-based app, but I'm leery of springing an all-new grade book on the teachers next fall. Just wondering what you are all planning to do.

Jane :-)
Marian High School
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Will we have a choice? I have not read alot and not really got into it BUT sounds like we will not have a choice if we update our systems. 
 Get out the aspirin.. 

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

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Hello ... anyone else working today??

I'm trying to import our new students for next year via a spreadsheet and Quick Import. I've tried both tab-deliminated (.txt) and .csv files but I'm getting nothing from PowerSchool after I click Import. No error message, no progress, no indication of anything. This is just a test file of 21 students. I'm selecting the Students table, selecting the field delimiter and end-of-line marker, mapping the fields, excluding my header file, and selecting the option to ignore the row if the student_number already exists. I'm in the right school. 

I've imported data a bazillion times with no problems. Not sure why I'm getting nothing today. And support is closed for the holiday. :-P

Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? I'm hosted with version 9.1.1. I'm referencing the Import/Export Guide for 9.x. Thanks!
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After you click submit, do you get a screen that mostly is blank? If so, can you scroll down and find information? I have seen the blank screen which leads you to believe nothing happened, but there is text if you scroll down. I have heard this is caused by the Enhanced Parent Portal customization.

I've seen the mostly blank screen, too, but this page is totally blank. I don't have the EPP. However, I just installed the E-Registration module from Grant Wood AEA in Iowa. Maybe it's related??

FYI ... here was my fix: I needed to check the box for "Allow Updates of Enroll Status" when I imported the file with new students. I switched to Chrome, which gave me a popup with that message. Firefox just gave me the blank screen.

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