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Mar 2016 (6)

We are new to PowerSchool this school year and we would like to start keeping track of staff information for the NDE reports in PowerSchool. We would like to enter staff information this summer so that we can run the reports out of PowerSchool next school year.  We tried to run the Staff Demographics, Staff Position Assignments, and Curriculum extract. But when I open any of these reports they all say (No Records Found).

I assume there is a bunch of fields we need to set in PowerSchool for the reports to come out correctly. Does anyone use PowerSchool for Staff State Reporting? Is there a "how-to" document in on how to set up all the fields correctly in PowerSchool to make these reports work? 
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We currently use PowerSchool to do our Staff reporting for NDE.  You need to make sure on the Faculty Information page that you have the Master Staff Record Indicator set to YES for any staff you want to report.  That field is the KEY that tells the reports to pull data for that Staff person.
The Staff Assignment screen must be filled out for the Staff Assignment report to work.  Email off list and I can help you more if you would like


Hi Adrian,
We provide PowerSchool support to 24 school districts and I don't know of any of them that use PowerSchool for the staff report.  For most it is much easier to make the few changes each year in the NDE Portal as opposed to maintaining the data in PS.  I did check with NDE too to make sure the staff report will not be changing with the new data dashboard and they said it will NOT. So districts can continue to report staff the same way they currently are.

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My principals just asked me if I could set up an Individualized Learning Plan Page in PowerSchool for all the teachers to be able to access.  They want to be able to post Dibels scores, NeSA scores, MAPS scores, ACT scores, and also be able to enter goals for the student as well.  They want to be able to drill down this report by subject as well.  They also want this to work with the advisor dashboard.  They want to be able to enter information for student intervention, along with what has and has not worked for the student.
Any suggestions, or would it just be better to set up a google doc for each student?

I feel like this is a very large process either way, and am overwhelmed just typing it!
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 What they are asking for is WAY beyond on what you or PS can do right now. You will need to look at software called data warehousing. We are looking at viewpoint right now but have used 2 over the last 4 years. Just a note, the state is building a data warehouse for all schools too. It is still the baby stages. So just a matter if you can/want to wait or get something else. 
 The 2 we used but dropped, tried to do on google docs and such.. No way. Pearson inform - not very good. 

Thanks.  I appreciate your help!

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Next we are going to allow 8th graders to take Algebra 1 and we need it to appear on their transcript.  Can anyone tell me how to make this happen?
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We have students who re-take failed classes at other high schools during the summer. To get those credits to show up on the transcript, we've created generic courses (such as Math 289) in PowerSchool.

When a student submits credits from summer school, the registrar creates the historical grade using (for example) course number 289, enters the name of the school ("Summer School - Burke") and checks the box for "Display on Transcript." The grade shows up under historical grades and on the transcript. 

Hope this helps. :-)

Thanks Jane, we do that as well.  I was just hoping for some magic box that I didn't know about to check to make this happen.  I guess we will enter them by hand. 

If you find that magic box, please let me know. :-D

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How do you handle the exchange students and their class ranking?  We don't really want ours calculated into the rank.  We have one sophomore and one senior.  I realize the sophomore student is as much of an issue as the one that is a senior.  
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On the "Other Information" student page you can choose "Exclude from Class Ranking"  That's what we do.

Ok, thanks!  I just couldn't think of anywhere that I could even begin to look for that.

You are sooooo welcome!  Glad I could help once.  I usually receive a lot more help from this group than I can ever give!!!

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Our entire Kindergarten report card is standards in PowerTeacher.  With the update to 9.1 the page for teachers to enter standards score through PowerTeacher has changed.  The page allowing teachers to enter all scores for a student individually is gone.  There is only one link on the bottom left, after clicking on the backpack, to allow scores to be entered.  And it has to be done by standard for all students.  And the previous scores do not appear.  This is quite cumbersome.  Has anyone found any work arounds for this?
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Previously, you could do all standards entries for a single student before going on to another student. With version 9, you make entries by standard for all students.  So... you do one standard at a time.  You can auto-fill when appropriate. If you change the reporting term, to a previous term, you will see previously entered standards.

Thanks Maurice.  When I change terms it is NOT showing the previous scores.

Do you see previous standards on the admin side? Are the  standards missing for all your subject areas in PowerTeacher?

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13th Annual Nebraska PowerSchool Users Group

Sunday, March 13, 2016 - 6:00-8:00 pm
The Best Western Plus Kelly Inn
4706 S. 108th St., Omaha, Nebraska
Brainstorming/Networking Work Session

Monday, March 14, 2016
Educational Service Unit 3 (ESU #3)
6949 S 110th St., La Vista, Nebraska

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